Sunday, May 28, 2006

The will to fight and kick A4#@$#%

I respect Mark Alexander but there is a problem that is severe in Europe. Europeans have lost the will to fight the far left. There is an acceptance of far left deranged types into the political system. Even in bastions of the far left like elite Universities brave students make their presence known in this country.

The truth is far left types are not cool and hip. They are apologists for a system of death and theft sanctioned by elites in media and our universites. How is one cool when they do not have ideaological independence. They must march lock step to whatever PC illogic of the day is. Ducky may think he is cool but he is retro. John Brown is a cartoon hack reading party lines from a playbook. Anum reads from another playbook and at least will be well mannered before she severs your head. Uptown Steve is a cross between Homey the Clown and Malcolm Exlax. People easily deal with white racists with little hesitation. Yet the same people including myself just do not want to say it as it is about black racists. Thus everyone is a racist if they think the Williams sisters are fugly or point out Ad dollars flow to almost white black women like Berry.

I celebrate the American spirit and embody the fight of the average man. The average man seeks enlightenment in the person next door unless you live next to John Brown.
They know that utopianism is evil and dangerous. The people know that religious nut jobs and racial power kooks are vile. Look at the people around you and always say American with pride.

There is a panty waist in CA that calls himself Agi that calls what I am about to do hate speech. My response to the whimpy obtuse Agi is I am an American and Free Speech is my God given birth right. I do not need your blessing , permission or approval.

All right all you red blooded Americans USA!!!USA !!!!! USA!!!!! USA!!!!! USA!!!!
Everyone not in the peoples republic of MA USA!!!!USA!!!!!USA!!!!!USA!!!!!
Those of you in the the other 49 great states USA !!!! USA !!!!! USA !!!!!

In tribute to our friends down Under OZ!!!!OZ!!!!!!OZ!!!!!!OZ

We should point out that Canadians are mostly normal except for those living in Quebec. It is time for those in Europe to reclaim their culture and honor. Stop appologizing for your history especially to criminal Marxist and Jihadist types. Both groups have created far greater messes then Europe ever did. If any people have the right to point the finger of blame at Europe it is my people the Jews and not the Sons of Allah or Marx.

Be proud of what what you are unless you are a genocidal Marxist or Jihadi.

Beamish in 08, Ducky hiding from Elmer Cheeney, 167 now calling himselm Gash without a clue as to what gash is a slang for. Given his proclivities he has no intrest in that type of gash, Recidoofus, Fizzzzzzhog, Cheesewiz, Rizla Blue, Tidy Bowl Blue, Fresh Step Kitty Litter Blue all new names with the same stupid message and Socrasleazoid if aborted troll scream in agony but leaves no trace did he ever exist at all.


Robert Bayn said...

Cute rant beak.

JINGOIST said...

Well said Beaker! You are officially the MAN! You're take on the flacid Europeans really hit the mark. Do you think that those beneficiaries of a great cultural legacy understand just how much trouble they're in? I doubt it.

I say we let the cowardy and pathetic Frogs suffer under the eventual caiph of Paris for at least two years. At which point we take the country back and appoint a fully American board of governors. It could be the new American wine region.


beakerkin said...

Rob there is a decided difference between a liberal like myself and yourself and a commie. One can be anti war and still be a patriot.

A Patriotic anti war sentiment. I love my country but this is the wrong course. We can disagree because we have common goals.

Unpatriotic Commie dissent: This war was created by the zionist media and a neocon cabal of three Jews and Englebert Humperdink. America and Israel are the sole forces of evil in the world . Beheading people and human rights abuses under Islam and Communism are just lifestyle choices.

Unlike most who are against the war you do not appologize for being American and I respect that.
Yet the nature of the dissent speaks vollumes. We both want a safer country but disagree with how to get there.

Elmer's Brother said...

Amen Beak.

The other day I heard a defense of the English only debate using the French speaking people of Quebec and their desire to secede.

the merry widow said...

Good job, Beaker! I may not agree again with the way this war and end are handled, but we are there and blast it, I want us to win! I am not ashamed of being white and I have no guilt over it or our accomplishments! USA!!!!!!!!!


MissingLink said...

Yep, a great rant Beak.

And it's true that most of Canadians are OK.
This new Canadian government has already demonstrated that not all is lost in those parts.

Robert Bayn said...

I'm ashamed of being white...oh yeah i'm not......

But i'am proud to be an American, i disagree with the war, but communism can go suck a donkeys dick.


i still say cute rant Beak.

beakerkin said...

I do not begrudge Uptown's being proud that he is black. African Americans are part of the Anerican family. I do begrudge his blatant anti semitism and stupidity.

In what lifetime did Jews have a special role in the Slave trade. The fact is there were probably even midgets in the slave trade but to excoriate Jews while absolving Arabs and African Cheiftans is comedic.

Michael Savage seldom ever discusses blacks . Gays have a genuine gripe but Uptown thinks anytime a Jew says something it is Jewish supremacy.

We all should be proud of who and what we are except Marxists and Jihadis who should be brow beaten.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Malcolm Exlax...


Brooke said...

Boo Yah!

Always On Watch said...

I am an American and Free Speech is my God given birth right. I do not need your blessing , permission or approval.

Hear, hear!

Storm said...

This is not really on topic but I wanted to comment on the current nonsense of cmparing Canadas success with a dual language and USA.

There is no comparison, USA was founded as an English country and has been for over 200 years (period). People born in this country expect English to be spoken and people coming here should expect to speak English. This would like all of us going to France and expecting them to give up their language and they all learn English to accomodate us and then site Canada as an example of how it could work.

beakerkin said...


It is great to see you on the site. Someday you should sit for the interview segment.

I am also against acomodation of foreign language in our school system and governance. I would like to make it illegal for employers to require workers be bilingual. This is a sure indication that the company has illegal labor. I also note that Indians speak an unrelated language but always seem to be proficient in English.

Storm said...

It is the most amazing thing, for 200 years we all learned English when we got here and yet we did not lose diversity. We are a nation of Polish, Germans, Russians, Japanese, Chinese, and so on.

Maybe we are the modern Tower of Babel. Our empire streches far and wide and yet the liberals have managed to do what God did in the Old Testament. And now without one language our "Tower of Babel" is doomed to fall.

Sure someday we can discuss the interview.

Have you noticed JRHs audience is seriously smaller than last year?

beakerkin said...

Storm I have noticed that JRH has lost quantity of responses. His post quality has gone downhill but he is a great guy.

He is not an anti semite but has blinders. In the old days he was somewhat dismissive of me as a pain. I do not think he is aware how large this ite is.

I think the Chemist has a rough idea that my site is much larger then he acknowledged.

Storm said...

JRH is fun to debate but of late his topics have shifted to current shows and other fluff. In a word boring.

Agreed at least he and his brother can spring a coherent thought together as opposed to Mr. Quack and what what his name 167--side bar isnt 167 the legal statute for Murder in Calif?.

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results then quack and 167 are insane since they expect something different.

Mr. Ducky said...

beak, I've explained this to you. The great ethnic purging in Europe was the purging of the slavs. Your little experience was minor league. Shut up you denier.