Thursday, May 18, 2006

The new Most wanted interview list

Yesterdays list had a gaffe on my part but I will fix yesterdays mistake.

1 Jason Pappas he likes to benumber one
2 Mustang of Social Sense
3 Farmer John
4 Jeff Bargholz
5 Possum that promises to be an excellent interview. She is articulate , brilliant and has excellent knowledge on a variety of subjects.
6 Brooke
7 Ecology he disagrees with us on many areas but is just a class act, funny and interesting
8 She Designs of Bad Eagle Brilliant woman who would provide an excellent interview
9 Amil of Bad Eagle An Iranian who has some serious concerns about what Islam has done to his people
10 Batya of Shiloh She writes an excellent blog from Israel and is not the FPM poster of the same name.

I am thinking of doing a blog segment on the future of the American Economy. What countries will be linked to our future economic growth. How will we meet our energy needs ?


the merry widow said...

O.T. Beaker- Have you read about the SCO on FPM? Lovely, sarc/off. That is not good news, our enemies increase and join together.


American Crusader said...

I just read the Amboy interview. Good job Kevin. One of your questions was what happened to the Republican Party? The truth is, we have been sold a bill of goods that doesn't match up with the promises. We are hemorrhaging billions of dollars in Iraq while Iran, the real threat, grows stronger. Even Venezuela's President Chavez is threatening our national interests and calling the US a paper tiger. A strong national defense has always been associated with the Republican Party, but this administration is doing its best to fulfill Venezuelas Chavez's charge.
What happened to the Republican Party's platform of less government intrusion?
What happened to changing the tax code?
What happened to a balanced budget?
You can't blame everything on Iraq.
What's even worse, is that the Dummycrats bitch and moan without ever suggesting alternatives.
I think those on the left are actually happy when they see the number of US casualties going up.
Their policy is to do-nothing and criticize everything.
2008 matchup will be Giuliani vs Hillary. Hillary will probably win New York but will still lose the election.

Jeff Bargholz said...

I'm moving up in the world.

beakerkin said...

Jeff anytime you are ready for an interview let me know. You are on the A list.

Always On Watch said...

Good to see you making rounds!

Always On Watch said...

Where is Farmer lately? I haven't seen him around.

beakerkin said...

I think his son may be back from school . I miss his witty posts and charm.

Anonymous said...

A.C., ...
Good to see you around.
Hope you saved some of the excellent pages from your old blog?

Brooke said...

I am ready whenever you are, Beak!

beakerkin said...

I will put an inteview up for you on Monday. I have only had one person complain about the questions.

nanc said...

j.b. (bargholz) said, "i'm moving up in the world."

that is truly one of the most eloquent of his statements next to when he told us about the birth of his second son...scuse me...i've gotta go have a moment or four...he has that affect on me.