Monday, May 15, 2006

Straight Ahead

Tonight I am posting a series of questions for Donal of Dudrat review. You will get the usual off the wall questions and it should be fun. There will be a few FPM questions but the focus will be on her new blog.

Tuesday night will be an interview with Kevin of the Amboy Times. This interview is long overdue and earned. Kevin has a top shelf blog and posts excellent comments and should have been near the top of any interview series.

Over the last week or so a criminal from CA has attempted to infest my boards. Socrates is a serial criminal whose habit of posting under multiple aliases alone at FPM should earn him a lifetime ban. I was sceptical about the pedophelia charges as they are commonly used as an atomic bomb in divorce proceedings. However he has boasted of the crimes and provided details notably on the Radosh thread. His sexual harassment of female posters is legendary notably his comments about Fiona who posts under the name Sabuki. The bottom line is I own this site and Socrates and all of his creations are banned forever.

Most wanted interviews

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mustang of Social Sense
3 Farmer John
4 Lady Esther
5 Possum brilliant and when two conservative nature fans host a discussion it promises to be a must read.
6 Woman Honor Thyself
7 Brooke
8 Iran Watch I have sent Leonard Nimoy in search of IW. I didn't see him in any bogs
in my trip across VT.
9 Ecology new poster who is a great guy but differs with nost of us.
10 Jeff Bargholz

I am going to discuss what makes a good interview and the questions. Most of the time
I have a basic knowledge or a blog to read in order to understand a guest. Now most of us know a Ducky's odious positions and there is little point of reading rehashed predictable material. However Ducky on the subject of the Sand Pebbles or Planet of the Apes is more interesting. Ducky missed the writers thinly veiled references to race in the latter. Planet of the Apes also had an anti nuclear weapons message and was in fact pointedly liberal but our friend was unable to look beyond Charlton Heston. Yet this is a detail that we did not know .

Most bloggers are multi dimensional thus MZ also is a huge football fan. We learned that Nanc likes golf and Mr Beamish does not like rodeo. Thus we have many possibilities to work with. The interviews are meant to be a mix of entertainment and factpresented in a fun manner. Contrary to popular opinion I have only done one interview with a cartoon charachter and it was not Ducky. The interview of Anum was a difficult segment in that she demonstrated a serious lack of depth. The most disturbing question was the one where she would not eat lunch with a person who was gay or eating pork. MZ also does not eat pork but would likely bring his own meal and that is fine. I have no problem eating lunch with a gay person it doesn't change my orientation. I would have huge problems eating with a John Brown who would likely give a long lecture about fried chicken. For me the question of excluding a person based on factors unrelated to personality is unthinkable. How would most of us react if someone made similar comments about Blacks or Lefthanded people ?

Lastly I try to extract an interview that I would want to read myself. Why would I ask questions that I am well aware of the response. This creates a boredom and bored readers go elsewhere. All of us know AOW is an educator so why ask that. However, if I ask are teachers expectations of students too low and do students reach their potential without challenges is interesting reading.

Yet even a skilled interviewer can not elicit an interesting response from a crass one dimensional interviewee. A skilled interviewer must ask interesting questions but there are limits to what we can do with bad material.


Robert Bayn said...

Anum is a idiot, i don't know why you waste your time with that twisted freak.

beakerkin said...

Rob I am glad I interviewed Anum and we saw how extreeme she is in her prejudices. I have no problem eating with anyone based on race or religion.

I have heard some rumors about a person who studied the buffet style Kung Fu. This person is rumored to spring into action every time the fried shrimp is served. I might not want to eat with that person unless I wore protective gear like a football helmet.

Robert Bayn said...

Good point Beak, it's good expose extremist and fundie's for who they are.

I do like Shrimp, so i might be willing to wear a helmet, although you know it's against your faith:

Pinch the tail, burn in hell!


Mr. Ducky said...

You eat shrimp, Beak?

Esther said...

As someone who has conducted interviews for a living, you are right on target. Looking forward. :)

I don't eat shrimp but not for religious reasons...I just hate the taste! ;)

the merry widow said...

Mmmmhhh,shrimp! What have shrimp got to do with Donal's interview? Just curious.


beakerkin said...

Ducky My parents are religious but that came later in life. I am secular and do eat not kosher food.
For the record I am very mild mannered in real life. Thus when I go to the buffet I find myself getting beaten to a pulp on the way to getting the good stuff. I heard a series of noises like Bruce Lee film and felt a pain in my ribs. The only one who was around was an old lady with a bun.
Going to the local bufett is a form of combat.

Mr. Ducky said...

Well, watch out with the shellfish Beak, very high cholesteral.

beakerkin said...

I do not eat it that often maybe a few times a year at most. On my trip to Maine comming up in June I will be eating roadside lobster roll. I will be leaving at 4AM for that trip.

FLORIAN said...

We'll see what you have in-store for Donal later on. Hope it's not about Hank's new so-called blog?

beakerkin said...

Hank's blog disappeared this morning. There will be some questions about trolls but not that many.

Lady Esther has agreed to do an interview and that is promising. Who knows what type of mayhem Kevin and I can cook up in an interview.

Warren said...

Beak said,
"I have heard some rumors about a person who studied the buffet style Kung Fu. This person is rumored to spring into action every time the fried shrimp is served. I might not want to eat with that person unless I wore protective gear like a football helmet."

I can see you wrestling over the last shrimp now!

Beak sticks chicken leg up old lady's nose: "Take that, you shrimp glutton!"

Beak, come over and check out my sidebar. There's an addition, (its not quite done yet, I have something to add.)

nanc said...

a.c. blog has gone missing.

beakerkin said...


There are rumors that I am the Kung Fu Buffet man . However I have the bruises that prove otherwise.

beakerkin said...

This is ominous Iran Watch is still MIA and AC is gone as of this morning. Elijah is still MIA and DonalandBeaksuck is gone.

I know AC was not talking about ending hiss blog just slowing down.
He does communicate with Esther off line.

nanc said...

donalandbeaksuck is still there - i just saw it! i believe a.c. corresponds with aow also.

MissingLink said...

Looking forward to all the interwies you've promissed Beak.

Iran Watch is still MIA and AC is gone as of this morning.

I am truly sorry every time I see a friend vanishing from the boggosphere.

beakerkin said...

Donal is on for tonight and I am going to see if I can place Kevin's up as well.

Esther is also scheduled.

Brooke said...

Wow. AC AND IW? I'm sorry to see them go! *sniff*

Beak, I think that people forget that at a buffet, you can go back!

religion of pieces said...

Ever tried interviewing a chunk of rock? LIKE ALLAH THE METEORITE!!

One line of attack on Islam which doesn't seem to have been followed up in the blogosphere concerns the existence of Allah. Some atheists have tried to prove that Allah doesn't exist, but it may be far more damaging to Islam to demonstrate that Allah does indeed exist and to show where 'he' resides and what 'he' is.

Christians and Jews believe that G_d is transcendent and omnipresent, she is not located in any particular place and indeed both transcends and permeates the physical structure of the universe.

In total contrast, Muslims are obsessively concerned with directing their prayers towards one particular location on planet earth, and line up their prayer mats and build their mosques pointing within a fraction of a degree towards Mecca. Muslim astronauts get particularly confused when in orbit because their god resides on earth - the majesty of the cosmos is lost on them. They believe that if you don't aim your prayers accurately at Mecca they won't have any effect. Very strange!

So we must conclude that Allah lives somewhere in Mecca. The entire city, including hotels, car parks, public lavatories, electricity substations etc cannot be equally and universally holy. So what is the object of this idolatrous worship?

The structure that every Muslim bows down to five times a day is Allah's house - the Kaaba.

And yes, inside it you will find Allah himself, who does indeed exist, and is none other than - a meteorite!

Allah is a chunk of space junk.

FLORIAN said...

Hey Beaker! I went trolling through Hank's site--how are you going to make Socrates' world come crashing down?
Just curious--but I would love to hear about it--or see it.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


I think you're being entirely unfair to Mr. Ducky. You know damned well he's a leftist, and yet you expect him to make an intelligent comment. Ease up, man!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

BTW, what happened to American Crusader's blog? It's MIA...

FLORIAN said...

Yeah I saw that beamish. Guess he just stuck a fork in it? Hope not.

beakerkin said...

Soc is not quite as smart as he thinks he is. He always over underestimates his foes and it will behis downfall.

Mad Zionist said...

I had a little too much lag tonight...oh, well!

Esther said...

Actually, Beak, I offered AC to write offline but he hasn't taken me up on it. I just saw his blog missing too. :(