Thursday, April 20, 2006

Do far left types worship criminals

I am perplexed at the extent of the hero worship of criminals on the far left. There are the ever present posters of cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal who cntrary to popular belief was far mor associated with MOVE then the Black Panthers. The Black Panthers were a street gang that commited many acts of violence but are still hailed by those on the far left as heroes.

The far left sees no problem with giving terrorists like Bill Ayers or Bernadine Dorn jobs in Universities. They see zero problem hiring Angela Davis who also has a criminal past. FYI not guilty is not the equivalent of innocence. Terrorist fund raisers teach in Universities and the far left sees nothing wrong.

Not only do the far left allow criminals to work in Universities they provide them with cushy jobs and pay large honoraria to hear criminals speak. The scholarship in most of the social sciences is worthless and the bill is paid for by the tax payer.

There is the never ending rationalizations of the Clinton mayhem. Maybe Barry Bonds should claim that the steroids were used to boost his intimate performance. However as we have learned from Jose Canseco this is hardly the case.

Is a clear pattern emerging ?

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American Crusader said...

Looking at the celebrities and those who were fighting to save 'Tookie' I would say yes.
If it was just for the principal against the death penalty that's a different story but I read so many testimonials about how great a guy 'Tookie' was and how he had helped so many children (unfortunately not his own son though) and not one word about the people he killed.

beakerkin said...

You have a point about Tookie. Rob Bayn had 167 on his blog enraged over Tookie Williams. 167 then went on to praise Iranian execution of Gays as it wasn't racist.

Iran Watch said...

the liberal press loved tookie. Jesse Jackson made him out to be a hero (no surprise) and Hollywood went along for the ride

Always On Watch said...

they provide them with cushy jobs and pay large honoraria to hear criminals speak.

How stupid is that? All education courses place great emphasis on role models and mentors, then the universities invite in criminals as role model and mentors. ARGGHHH!!!

Russet Shadows said...

The thugs, terrorists, and anarchists are proxy warriors for the left upon a normal society that they feel excluded from. That is the reason for the romanticization of such. But, just like the USSR, Cambodia, and China, when it comes times to count the bodies, mourn for the dead, or count the cost, the left is nowhere to be found.

the merry widow said...

It seems that everything in this world is upside down. Evil celebrated as "good", pedophiles hailed as loving or normal(ala NAMBLA), death cults welcomed as "progressive" and "just"! It is sickening! The innocent victims of thier "good" behavior are treated as causing thier own suffering, or ignored. Real injustice is covered over while "perceived" is blared out with no regard to searching for facts. I am fast losing confidence in my childrens future. What do G*D fearing, truth telling, hard working young people have to look forward too? Even in our youth group at church my son is only tolerated, my daughter won't set foot in the group, she goes to a friend's church. I know young people in my neighborhood and they are so brainwashed, they lose it if you say you are voting for a non- democrat. I don't know of to many "normal" families around here. It's sad and discouraging.
Sorry to be on a downer, weather I hope!


Always On Watch said...

Merry Widow,
It seems that everything in this world is upside down.

Yes, it feels that way and is so disheartening. Has the West completely lost its moral compass?

MissingLink said...

I think it starts with the idea that criminals were made criminals by the oppressive society (read capital).
As such they are brothers and ..they can be used to do the more unpleasant parts of the revolution.
For example Comrade Koba (Stalin's favourite alias) was a crim.
He organized robberies - banks and such (ofcourse some of this money was to support the party).
Comrade Ord┼żonikidze was also a crim and a thug.
I think also the radicals are "romantic" at heart and so idolizing of criminals comes to them naturally.
Think Robin Hood - takes from the rich ...

bum from jersey said...

Definitely on point here beakerkin. How do people sympathize w/ these criminals? Have they forgotten that a crime was committed? As bleak as it may sound, I don't think many of these folks will understand unless it personally affects them.

On a slight tangent - Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi and all these other cheaters in baseball, how did they get a free pass? Correct me if I am wrong but isn't it against the law to use steroids? How is it okay for them to have used it just because there was no rule in place before four years ago specifically prohibitting it? Unbelievable!

Kyle said...

I have always thought of it as misplaced sympathy. Thus the slogan on my website, "Sympathy for the criminal is the same as contempt for his victim."

It is interesting if you offer most lefties a choice of eliminating the death penalty, but all death row inmates go to a gulag of no return (barring new evidence) in the Aleutian Islands.
I have only ever heard one lefty willing to accept this compromise.
I think this proves they are not so much against the death penalty as just soft on criminals.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Do far left types worship criminals

They don't wear Che Guevara shirts for nothin'

Freedomnow said...

We need to establish a set of criteria here. Lets say that only convicted murderers who publish children's books should be allowed tenure at our prestigeous universaries.

Free Tookie!!!

the merry widow said...

Who said that conservatives are democrats who've been mugged?

Mr. Ducky said...

Fighting to save "Tookie"? American Crusader please stop blowing smoke out of your ass.

Let's look at a couple things. "The left" holds a large number of opinions and these opinions can be in conflict. Opposition to capital punishment is certainly common but not universal on the left. There was sentiment that Tookie Williams should not be executed and I will ask you to state why the discussion of a commutation to life inprisonment should not have been debated.

Now there are some on the right who are so blindingly stupid that they thought commutation of the execution meant freeing him. I hope you aren't one of those butt clowns.

98% of the world's executions occur in China, United States, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Some company, huh? Pardon me if I don't follow that crew on the road to enlightenment.

Now as far as Beak getting his diapers all wet because a couple of Weather Underground are emploted, do you know what anecdotal means? I think you do but anyway I'm giving you credit for intelligence unlike some specimens like bum from jersey and missing link who don't know their ass from their elbow. The fact is that nobody "sympathizes with these criminals" .... people reform, they change and they are redeemed.

Now I can understand why someone like "bum from jersey" would be enraged and not be concerned about ideas like personal growth or redemption and change. His life is nothing, he stands for nothing and he will never be in a position where his values have to speak truth to power. He'll do as he is told. That type of person doesn't have much standing to comment on the issue.

So you go to far in trying to frame the left as 'Worshipping" criminals. It is similar to me accusing warren and mustang and similar dupes of joining the military just to get mommy benefits because they couldn't cut it in the private sector. That's true of some in the military but it certainly isn't a reasonable uniform description, I admit.

the merry widow said...

It's called holding people accountable for thier choices Ducky. And holding someone in life imprisonment costs the taxpayers more money. By the way, Ted Bundy fired his lawyers because he said he deserved to die! He came to the point where he held himself accountable! That is change and repentance!
Oh, by the way, when you hold someone accountable you are dignifing them with total humanity! You see them as adult humans not weak, helpless pawns with diminished responsibility! Respecting thier humaness goes far beyond what that English judge said about the Pakistani woman who murdered a child, but he let her off because she was from a backward culture! That's racist!


beakerkin said...


Weathermen were treasonous criminals who should have been executed for their crimes. They should not be employed in Universities under any circumstances. I would commute their sentences if they reveal the Commie Odessa organization that hid them. All members of the Commie Odessa group should be denaturalized and deported to Cuba.

There should be a full investigation into the funding and protection of terrorists by the left.

Always On Watch said...

There should be a full investigation into the funding and protection of terrorists by the left.

The left will scurry as CAIR recently did. See this, which adds to today's FPM article.

It's not just the case of CAIR vs. Andrew Whitehead. Two other law suits were recently dismissed.

Meanwhile, the FBI has buddied up to CAIR.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...



You can't even supply anecdotal evidence of a leftist demonstrating the ability to be rational, and you're going to take shots at your right-wing betters?

Ducky, you present almost as much of an intellectual challenge as a sheet of bubble wrap.

Mr. Ducky said...

Well let's try to frame things for you Beamish. Beak gets his knickers in a knot because a few members of the Weather Underground are allowed to speak instead of being executed, I assume. Let's take a look at what they have said

As Brian Flanagan said, "The Vietnam War made us crazy... when you feel you have right on your side, you can do some horrific things." This mixture of "insanity" and moral righteousness is, of course, ideal for producing movements that seem at once totally reasonable (fight oppression) and incoherent (violence will produce a non-violent state). Now the left understands this, Beamish but you clearly do not.

As Mark Rudd observed, "Violence didn't work." And, in fact, even back in the day most every leftist group understood that and stated that the Weather Underground was unstable and withheld any support. However when we look at attitudes such as yours or say Jason Pappas we come to see that you can't learn. You continually embrace a failing tactic.

Yet you continue to trumpet you supposed reasoning. You pathetic demented f*ck.

American Crusader said...

Trust me New Jersey bum, Barry Bonds is getting anything but a free ride. I'm not saying he did not bring this on himself but the press is relentless, fans are throwing syringes and other objects and baseball has already placed in * next to his homerun totals. Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire were the ones who got the free ride.

Ducky...war can bring out the best or the worst of humanity. Most Vietnam vets were anything but like Lt. Callie. Mi Lai, Abu Ghraib are the exception, not the rule. We didn't bring violence to was there long before any American troops ever stepped foot in the country. Singing kumbaya and holding hands wasn't going to bring about change.

beakerkin said...


So your morality is flexible treason and sedition are okay as long as the goals are in line with Marx. I do not care what the excuses are Dorn and Ayers belong in front of a firing squad. The only excuse for them not geting the death penalty is to give up the names of the Commie Odessa network that financed and aided their flight. All members of this Odessa network should be stripped of Citizenship and deported to North Korea.

Lets see demented Duck thinks terrorism is okay as long as Capitalists are the target. Ayers , Dorn and Angela Davis are examples of what is wrong in the University. Law breaking is fine just as long as you spout a few cliches.

Robert Bayn said...

Thanks, this is some of the funniest hysteria i have seen in days, haha!

Jason_Pappas said...

“ … people reform, they change and they are redeemed. …”

Wasn’t it Ayers who, in the Sept. 11, 2001 edition in the New York Times, was totally unrepentant about his support for terrorism? Without repudiating their past there is no redemption. These people romanticize their past and are totally unrepentant. Yes, they may be in remission, retired, or out-of-practice, but they have not changed their character or their ideals.

Notice that Mark Rudd’s comments (above) don’t repudiate the morality of the Weatherman violence, only the practicality.

The only person who’s repudiated his support of these scurrilous characters and has made amends is David Horowitz. That’s what change looks like, Ducky.

Jason_Pappas said...

Back in the 60s it always struck me as odd that my radical friends could praise an unrepentant rapist like Eldridge Cleaver. Of course, today they would say that was before the woman’s movement but for most of us we didn’t need the woman’s movement to know that a rapist isn’t a hero. Cleaver had wide support among the left and was considered a hero. Read Tom Wolfe’s Radical Chic in case you don’t remember.

I saw Cleaver speak back in ’68 and it was clear to me that he and his panthers where thugs glorified by the radical left. During his rant he threw in a single reference to “that old book of Marx” and the leftists went wild with love and joy. They were mesmerized. I remember one of my high school classmates, Rita “the Red,” try to rationalize this thug and rapist.

Of course, after he came back from Ducky’s paradise (Algeria) he converted to Christianity and appeared on William Buckley’s Firing Line. Still, something was missing in this guy’s soul. I didn’t buy the change.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

As Brian Flanagan said, "The Vietnam War made us crazy... when you feel you have right on your side, you can do some horrific things." This mixture of "insanity" and moral righteousness is, of course, ideal for producing movements that seem at once totally reasonable (fight oppression) and incoherent (violence will produce a non-violent state). Now the left understands this, Beamish but you clearly do not.

Oh give it a rest, dipshit. Even if we absent-mindedly take the historically leftist ideologues Adolph Hitler's and Benito Mussolini's "third way" fantasy of bridging left-wing socialism and right-wing capitalism at their word (in practice both were unrepentant socialists), we still have Hitler and Mussolini to the left of right-wingers, and a body count that gets higher as you move towards the left side of the political spectrum.

It is unlikely that all leftists are cunning and clever enough to conceal their intellectual capabilities from all observers. According to the Law of Averages, surely a slip-up would occur, in which someone would capture evidence of leftist rationality. This has never occured.

The only logical explanation for the fact that no leftist in history has ever been observed being rational is quite simply that leftists can't do that.

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