Sunday, April 30, 2006

New feature on the blog " Poster Abortions"

An old foe from FPM has started to make his vile presence felt on this blog. The loathsome vile Socrates a genuine pedophile has decided he wants to join our community. However unlike FPM I own this site and will not allow a pedophile a single vowel on this site. He may pollute FPM and his own blog but not he will not be permited here.

In the early days of the Rush Limbaugh show there was a special feature on the local show called caller abortions. NYC people would call Rush and say they were unwanted callers can he please abort them. I have shamelessly adapted this gag into my repetoire and will proceed with aborting Socrates. Everytime he shows up I will have Drummaster fire up the industrial shopvac and the 650lbs of fecal matter will be removed.

Now do not try this at home as 650lb of fecal matter can only be removed with an industrial shop vac.

The gag will play as follows . Socrates is an unwanted poster whose life is meaningless . The best thing he can do to make this world a better place is to die. There are some crimes that even death does not absolve such as molesting your own daughters. We do not cater to the criminally insane on this blog. All pedophiles deserve the death penalty. We also do not like men who prey on women.

Drummaster Fire up the vacum and let us rid this blog of Socrates.

RZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz kzkz zrrzzzzzzzzzzzzz

650lbs of fecal mater has been removed. If you see any hits on your blog from San Mateo or Coaling CA just abort away. Aborting Socrates is easy fast and fun for the whole community. Feel free to steal this gag for your blog. If any liberals object tell them "how dare you tell me what to do with my blog ? A blogger has the right to a pedophile free zone of privacy.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky married to Ernie in MA, 167 RIP and Socko aborted.


MissingLink said...

Good riddance.

beakerkin said...

It scared off John Brown as well. He visted but didn't post so the feature seems to be working. You should borrow it down under .

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I only ban spam advertisers, disgustingly stupid people, flamboyant homosexuals, and ginger kids.

nanc said...

in the words of american crusader:

"because it's my blog"

nanc said...

beak - what does this thing entail?

beamish - ginger kids?

Always On Watch said...

I had been wondering how you came up with the terminology.

industrial shop vac

A great invention! We used on all the time in my father's garage. Such a vac can handle anything. LOL.

FLORIAN said...

Hi Nanc...had no idea you were here!

FLORIAN said...

So Nanc you got your own blog too? Check mine out when you get a chance...I just started one last week..It sucks right now, but we'll see in a couple weeks from now. Have a good too Beak!

FLORIAN said...

beakerkin said...


The industrial Shop Vac is due to Socko's large size. In real life he is around 650lbs. A normal vac would not handle such a large chore.


My nephew maintains the shop vac in NJ . After the perpared speech about an unwanted poster we flip the switch. A few moments of painless screeching and the unwanted poster vanishes. Tell those libs to keep their paws off my blog. A poster abortion is in between a blog administrator and his creator.

Florian welcome to the blog has Meathead been posting my adress again. You do know that Meathead is Socrates.

FLORIAN said...

LOL! I had no idea that Meathead was that scumbag Socrates!!!! Guess since he got banned at FPM he has to haunt these pages then. I don't know if you heard but our friend Uptown Steve sent LaShawn Barber (don't know if you've heard of her) a wretched piece of hatemail. She traced his IP address to NY.

beakerkin said...

Holly Smokes

I am aware of LeShawn Barber and will have to check it out.

Then if Uptown is from NYC then I 100% know him. In NYC there is a big black guy with a huge head that calls himself Uptown Steve. I met the NYC Uptown Steve in Union Square Park where he spouts the same nonsense as Uptown at FPM.

Uptown has always had an excellent knowledge of NYC unlike Hank Snow who is an impostor. The person I met is a big guy with a short fuse and an oversized head. His head looks three times too big to be on that body.

He hangs out with a group of antisemites who are obsessed with evil talmud and whatever foolishesss comes out of Black comentator. He did get upset when I described him as a Black Nationalist.

What a small world ?

FLORIAN said...

Here's the link to where he spout off. Scroll down to the "Idiots and Fools" headline. That's him. LOL....What a small world if you do know him! So he's a fat tub then? Check it out.

beakerkin said...

No he isn't fat but he is big. 5'10 and built like a linebacker with a huge bald head. This may seem odd but the first reason I started posting was to see if this was the same Uptown Steve. He denied it of course.

Robert Bayn said...

I only ban bigoted morons, and not even much do i do that, it's more fun watching them make a fool of themselves and watch them say stupid stuff, and sit back and laugh at their stupidity.

beakerkin said...

Rob Socrates is far more serious then your average troll. I put up with alot but sexual harassment of female posters is too far.

In real life this individual is a pedophile. If laws were enforced he would not be allowed near a computer. I do not ban anyone arbitrarily but pedophiles and serial stalkers are persona non grata around here.

MissingLink said...

You should borrow it down under .
I have all sorts of toys on my blog.
There is also a torture chamber but I don't use it every day.
After all I am a good guy.

Robert Bayn said...

Yeah your right Beak, i tend to get the funny fundie "mentalists" at my blog, and the occasional bigot, they make me laugh more than anything.

VerityINK said...

HI FLORIAN! This is DONAL--I now post as VerityINK at:

Come over and say howdy-do; I have YOUR blog addy...

I about laughed myself into hysteria over what you posted about Uptown and LaShawn. You have a copy of it or URL? (I wanna laugh all day!)

LaShawn is a lovely lady--what the hell is his problemo?

VerityINK said...

Morning, Beak! I, too, don't allow Soc on my blog--and I don't waste any words on him. I don't know if I can call it an 'abortion'--I just send the WhaleShip Edmound FitzGERALD to the rendering plant...!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Ginger Kids

uptownseteve said...

Howdy beak!

It's your old buddy Uptownsteve back to refute your lies as usual.

First off, I don't know who you met in Union Square but it sure wasn't me.

I haven't been in Union Square since college twenty some years ago and I am handsome and well proportioned.

Regarding LaShawn (Aunt Jemima) Barber, my post to her contained no vulgarities or profanity....only truth which righties and thei black flunkies can't deal with.

LaShawn is seriously offended by facts and that's why she bans progressives and most blacks from her website.

She is an utter clown.

beakerkin said...


What lie are you refering to the oversized head. I will take your word for it that that wasn't you. However there is an Uptown Steve that matches that description in Union Square Park.

For the record you do have an oversized ego but the description was clearly not malicious. Glad to see you I guess it is a NYC thing
and no I do not hate you or consider a troll just wrong. Only Socrates is banned here.

What are you doing in LI did you move from VA and abandon Whitelondia ?