Monday, June 15, 2009

Step into the light

I want to say that I have observed some disgusting things in my time on the web. Yet each and every day I see a new nadir.

The owner of sites are directly responsible for at minimum stating their own positions when hate or criminality raises its head. Those of you should be reminded of this when Nazis and Jew haters visit
Renegade Eye. You will note than Ren never says a critical word to the most rabid forms of Jew hatred and tosses them enough "red" meat.

The other day a formerly fine site was polluted with all types of hate. There were threats of violence directed at me as well as a steady stream of Von Brunn style Nazi rants. I can handle myself anywhere and can deal with that type of garbage.

What I can not and refuse to deal with is taunting rape victims. A real man shows compassion for women in this situation. Even in the Duke Rape case, our sympathies were towards the woman until the story fell apart. In this case there was zero reason to disbelieve the person. The person found solace in Christian forgiveness after a horrible crime. Yet the more Christian than thou crew ( not this one) mocked and taunted the woman. None of our regular people, including the Duck would have ever behaved in that manner. People as diverse as Mr. Beamish, TMW, Jams,
Justin, Warren, FJ and yes even the Duck would have shown a human face.

Hatred is a bottomless pit that consumes the soul. As humans, and especially as men, our job is to protect women and children. Most officers if properly trained will save rime victims first before giving chase to criminals. The over the top hatred has caused an unnatural human moral
rot. I am dismayed the owner of the site in question did not address the taunting of a rape victim.

At that point the perpetrators should be told to "Step into the light and rejoin humanity. You have reached the nadir of humanity and your moral center has been consumed with hate."

Boundless, Von Brunn style hatred eats away at the soul and erases our normal capacity for empathy.


Always On Watch said...

Somebody was taunting rape victims?


The_Editrix said...

Beak, you must be talking about Naughty Sparrow. Don't be so unnecessarily obscure. Although I have no idea about what *exactly* you are talking (the place always gives me the creeps so I go there rarely) I am amazed that you are amazed about *anything* there. But are you? You must have realized by now that the good doctor uses you to provoke antisemitic posts from others, as all his gushing "Jew loving" posts are intended to provoke just that. He never stood in the way of any antisemite, be it the Stormfronters or Tsigane, not to speak of his regulars. Is it possible that things have gone a bit out of hand now without Mac being around?

As I don't believe that you haven't twigged that as well in the meantime, I think you have your own agenda playing devil's advocate there and good luck to you!

You can approve this comment or not. It is more for you than for your readership anyway.

beakerkin said...

AOW Editrix

I am talking about Bad Eagle. I am dismayed by the silence over taunting a rape victim. I would not ask for a ban. However, I am greatly
disappointed the Doctor did not address taunting a rape victim and mocking Christian forgiveness.

I can deal with bigots of all stripes but leave crime victims alone.

The_Editrix said...

You are just at the wrong place if you expect any ethics or compassion there. Face the fact.

The Merry Widow said...

My sometime son is the result of rape...and the thought of ANYONE degrading someone who has been through such a violation of personhood, well, shooting is too good for them!
Horsewhipping, followed by tarring and feathering, followed by running them out of town on a rail sounds more like it.

As for, the victim/survivor, the fact that she has chosen to forgive, shows much character and strength on her part...she won kudos from me for her stand!

What a bunch of graceless clods...