Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Cry of Freedom

I am proud to call Amil Imani a friend. He is a true son of the enlightened Persian people. We tend to think of Iran in terms of the images we see. Hostage taking lunatics and Holocaust denying clowns.Persia has a history of tolerance that precedes the Islamic invasion.

All righteous people, stand with the people of Iran yearning to be free. There are those who will try and make a new type of pest hole. It is important to remember that Communist colluded with the religious zealots to create the mess we are in today.

Some express surprise about reports of Hezbollah being in Iran. Hezbollah is an Iranian movement and always has a sizeable contingent of people there in for training at any given time.

The current regime is evil to the core. It will kill to perpetuate itself and the Persian people will suffer. Our hope is that there will be a crack in the security forces that refuses to kill their fellow citizens. I am not optimistic, but there is always hope for the future.

Amil is right that as Reagan stood with the folks in Poland, Obama needs to get behind and speak
louder and proclaim his support for the Persian people.


Ducky's here said...

We tend to think of Iran in terms of the images we see. Hostage taking lunatics and Holocaust denying clowns


Actually that's generally true only of the loony right and Likud.

beakerkin said...


Now the reason for that statement is you are a Marxist antisemite. If you were psychologically normal you would
ditch Marx and rejoin humanity.

The people of Iran deserve better. Sadly, there are probably Trotskyite goons exploiting their misery only
to impose their own.

Always On Watch said...

I posted Amil's recent essay over at IBA.

Yes, I'm on Amil's mailing list. I read everything he writes!

Brooke said...

Amil is a brave man.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, do you really think that the semi-literate clown who haunts BE is Amil Imani? I mean the Amil Imani who writes those sensemaking articles at FFO. He can't pen a coherent sentence, not to speak of his conduct at BE. Have you already forgotten how he taunted Betty Ann and Sheila and God knows whom else as "old Indian women"? If this thang isn't just posing as Amil Imani and if he has really something to do with the man who is published at FFO, he is lending him his name.

If it were worth my time I'd email the FFO-Imani and ask, alas, it isn't.