Monday, June 15, 2009


It does not take a genius to see a tragedy before our eyes. A government that sends 9 year old into minefields and encourages suicide bombing places no value on life.

The wonderful Persian people should not be confused with the rabid mullahs. Tyranny obscures wonderful people in many lands who deserve better than the hell holes created by despots. The only people who deserve to live there are the Western apologist clowns. Do not hold your breath for Trotskyite lowlife's to surrender their citizenship and emigrate to Caracas.

The situation in Iran will end poorly. A despotic regime based in theocracy is capable of all types of evil. How do we trust a regime with the bomb when it doesn't respect the lives of its own citizens.

Obama is going to learn the hard way that the despot in Iran is a blood thirsty clown


The_Editrix said...

That's not all they do with nine year old children.

Always On Watch said...

I know that we've heard different numbers as to how many have already died during this protests over the election results.

I was reminded of Tiannamen Square. Look at all those young people taking to the streets in Tehran!

Mousavi is mullah controlled as well, but is more open to modern dress for women.

However, wasn't he involved in the founding of Hezbollah?

Always On Watch said...

Check out Sandmonkey's comprehensive coverage.

Z said...

it might end poorly NOW but I believe this situation today is VERy telling and that things are going to go well.
I've blogged on it and had some good comments...two posts, check it out.
One has some good info and conjecture by Daniel Pipes.

The_Editrix said...

The wonderful Persian people didn't find the Shah oppressive enough and got what they wanted, namely that ugly old Mullah goat. Western educated women rallied in the Chador (sp?) for Khomeini. Every people in history who really wanted to get rid of a tyrant did so. The Germans had to be "freed" by the Americans by force and never forgave them. I don't pity the Iranians. They and the Germans are two peas in a pod. No wonder they have so excellent business relations.

Ducky's here said...

The wonderful Persian people should not be confused with the rabid mullahs.


A lot of those wonderful Persians support the mullahs.

Simple useless answers for complex problems. That's why the right is dead, Beak.