Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Leaving Home

The time has come for me to depart Bad Eagle. I want to point out I will be in touch with the Doctor and many of my friends via private mail. I still admire Dr Yeagley and respect him very much. That being said I have a very different vision of America. I am not a Conservative, I am a nationalistic moderate.

I am more at home here amongst my friends who for the most part share my vision. I do not have to explain my positions as they are well known. I only wish Justin or Rob were around to laugh at my being called a "gay apologist". I guess that wanting people to live free from mindless hatred for being themselves makes one an apologist.

I am from the big tent theory. My vision of America is a nation of shared ideals united by a common vision. Racial supremacy and hating people based on the way they worship God or don't
is anathema to me. My vision is like Reagan's. We don't have to agree on everything except the free market and liberty it is an open door that excludes only those who are Marxist death cultists and jihadis.

In a way Yeagley is like Obama in his naivete. He thinks people consumed with hate can be reasoned with. This is not true as hatred of Jews amongst this crew is almost a missionary calling that is one part paranoia and two parts mental illness. Marxist clowns like Renegade Spleen and the Duck merely stoke this mania for political expediency. These so called super patriots have zero difficulty forming alliances with commies or even jihadis and yes taunting a crime victim for political expediency.

I grow angry with the concept as expressed by some that Yeagley is not his own man or a tool of the Jews for opposing Nazi style obsessive hate. In reality Indians should be very wary of any movement that devalues life. You can kill what you dehumanize, Indian history has plenty of examples of this. Dehumanizing the Jew or Blacks ultimately leads to dehumanizing Indians at a later dateed . This mania is not to far removed from Von Brunn or communist paranoia about a cabal of Jews controling the United States.

Yeagley is a good man and will remain a friend of mine. It is time for me to hang my hat in my
own home. Those of you who think I am totaly secular need to be reminded my brother and parents are Orthodox as is the woman ( Sunbeam) who I love with my heart and soul. I respect
religion and walk in many commnities in my own way. However, I am in my heart an American of the Jewish faith. Those of you who see Jews as foriegn are not quite as American as you think.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, the guy's a few arrows short of a full quiver.

Do you really think he's taken seriously?

beakerkin said...

The Doc is a good man and a valued friend. I will miss him.