Sunday, June 21, 2009

An odd Yeltsin???

I remember when the former Soviet Union was in crisis and Yeltsin stood large. Now we have Putin who while not exactly an ally is less of a foe than the Soviets.

There are those who forget the original revolution was aided by Communists who were tossed aside when the theocrats consolidated power. This is the same idiot who sent children to clear mine fields in the Iran Iraq war. In fairness that war was started by Saddam. Maybe he has learned about mindless bloodshed from as vile a war in my lifetime. Maybe he is looking to repeat history and toss the moderates under the bus later.

Now that Yeltsin is dead for a while how do we remember him. To me he was a man who seized the moment and became one with history.

Sadly the greatest foreign policy mind of them all was none other than Richard Nixon. We would be a better country if Obama had a mentor like Nixon. When Clinton needed a mentor remember, he turned to Nixon not Carter. Clinton may have had a large ego, but he knew Carter
had his head up his rear.

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beamish said...

Clinton's mentor was the racist J. William Fulbright.