Monday, June 22, 2009

When one has been wronged

I want to point out the difference between what has happened at Bad Eagle now or in past beefs
here. My nature is peaceful and I respect intellectual differences to a point. Thus when the Editrix, Justin or anyone else disagrees with a point of view it is a reasonable person with admirable qualities who has plenty to say.

In short I can disagree with those types without being disagreeable. Mature friends, often disagree on plenty of matters. Nor is a reflexive distaste for the left, One can easily spot the difference between a laborite like Jams and an apologist for despotism like Renegade Spleen.

In this case, the Doctor is not in any definition an anti-semite. However, like Obama he fails to be able to distinguish reasonable people from arsonists. No amount of charm is going to change a died in the wool hard core Jooooo hater/white supremacist into a functioning adult. One is dealing with people whose view of reality is skewed by paranoia and insane obsessions.

The Doctor asked for a truce with some rather creepy people. I am inclined to grant it to all but one. The first is a well known lunatic who expects me to deal with repeated expressions of hate
in a clinical manner. Thus if an Indian comes on the site and posts 9-11 conspiracy idiocy or bizzare claims about Holocaust Denial these are "important posts". Sorry, this is ethnic arson and will be treated accordingly. This person's venture into insanity includes claims that I do not write this blog and that I am not Jewish and am really Black. Being Black and Jewish are not mutually exclusive, nor do I consider such claims or being called gay an insult. My reaction is you are sadly
mistaken and need to return to reality. She promised to bring three "Jewish friends" to replace my perspective. The funny part is her claim to have three friends in any group. Should these friends read her remarks and the stuff that she defends they would not be there long or turn on her very quickly. I typically ignore her as a fool who talks of me forming alliances with people whose names are unknown to me.

The second type is a former Vietnam Vet who proclaims stuff that is out of Stormfront such as jewish control of the media, government, Jews are Communists and oddly Jews promote homosexuality. I pointed out my record of anticommunism needs no defense. This person who talks of Jewish Communism was in fact a member of a far left group described by many as a communist front group for ten years. The issue is not if this person is or is not a commie. The issue is one of hypocrisy. How does one proclaim themselves an arch patriot and talk of "Jewish Communists" while being a member of a group like that. I do respect veterans of all types, but that does not insulate people like John Kerry, Ward Churchill or Charlie Rangel (Korea) from later irresponsible behavior with communists. However, in this case I will grant a troubled vet solace.

The last case is a well known racial arsonist who has made a series of anti Jewish, racist and homophobic comments. He screams from the top of his lungs he is a super Christian who is "aces" with Christ while pushing Nazi style Joooo hatred and white supremacy. This person is a super clown who seems to think Joooos have a monopoly on gays and communists. Anyone familiar with gays know they come in all races, ethnicities and religions. The claim that there are no Italian gays must be news to the fashion industry where they have worked for decades. Moreover, Romans who he oddly claims descent from were very familiar with all types of sexual deviance as well as finding rather interesting ways of feeding lions. Communism and Anarchism have a long history in Italy and claims that these are Jewish imports are insane.

There is no peace in my book for someone whose obsessions are very similar to the Holocaust museuem shooter. There is a limit to my patience and Neonazi style hatred is too much. I do want to point out to Justin that this last type claiming to be a Christian is very rare. The claim is this is some form of Catholic doctrine is not believable. Catholicism does not sanction racial supremacy and Jew hatred is limited to those preaching liberation theology.

True Christians know racial hatred is not for followers of Christ or Americans


Ducky's here said...

Wow Beak, I checked out Yeagley's blog. He gets more white supremacists than Stormfront.

Quite the nuthouse.

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, you should share this post from Yeagley's site. The man is certifiable. What a nutlog.

David Yeagley // May 27, 2009 at 8:53 pm

I think we just need to be really clear about something. Sonia is not Latino. She is Jewish. She did not grow up in Puerto Rico, and she did not even grow up in a Puerto Rican neighborhood, really.

The old Yankee stadium was on E 161st Street & River Avenue, Bronx, NY 10451. Check it out on the demographic maps–not now, but in the late ’50’s and ’60’s. Remember it’s on the east side of the river.

This story is a artificial as Barry’s, the alien black African Communist Muslim. But, at least Sonia grew up as an American!!

But, the “Latino” bit has to go. I don’t think it’s right. This is not her ethnicity, and not her culture. It is circumstantial.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, I just had a look at Naughty Chicken. I know I shouldn't have. So you did NOT stick to your word and went there again. Why am I not amazed? It seems that I am the only ex-poster who has the self-respect not to go there again. Don't you twig that you are playing court jester for Yeagley? That man is a manipulative piece of work. He is using you to evoke antisemitic reactions (have you already forgotten that he made a Stormfronter moderator of several fora, including the "Jewish" one?) as much as he is using that Kidist so that he can say that he allows "Negroes" to post at his site, when he wouldn't want to be seen dead in her company in real life. He is using Betty Ann as well as his mad ankle biter pooch and I don't even WANT to know for what else. Yeagley doesn't just condone, he positively approves everything that is said there, and I MEAN everything. And yes, including all the antisemitism. Have you ever given it a thought why that rabbi (Kahn?) only delivered such a brief guest performance? Have a look at the hostility with which he was received and what Yeagley did about it, namely nothing. In the case of PMS it has gone a little bit out of hand lately or maybe PMS has just stopped paying for the doubtful favour to post there. Show a little bit of self-respect and stay away for good and for heaven's sake stop providing Yeagley and Naughty Chicken with search engine hits by discussing all that here at length. I hate to agree with the Duck but he's got it more or less right.

beakerkin said...

The Duck isn't 100% wrong. Yeagley is fixated on conversos. That is the context of that post


Oddly, Betty Ann regards you as the apex of woman hood. She doesn't quite get that you left for a reason.

Yeagley is a complex man and a friend who is brilliant and naive.
He fails to understand the essence of patriotism is inclusiveness and has a naive view about racialists.
One can not reason with rabid dogs who see the planet on conspiratorial terms. Such a person
has an empty soul.

Kidst is a brilliant woman who doesn't visit much. Yeagley doesn't understand what made his site special was the high quality
people from all walks of life. I didn't always get along with Mac but he was worth reading.

He walks forever between two worlds. He is a man of great ideas
that needs to ask does being pro Native American mean to place everyone else on a different sort of reservation.

I am an American alive with the can do spirit. My brothers and sisters are all those
who chose to believe. I live love and will create a better place. Americans make history and are not beholden to anything other than the founding forefathers wisdom.

I live and love as an American of the Jewish faith. My soulmate is Sunbeam who is devout but every bit
as passionate and more conservative
than I. My essence is optimism and the open hand and that is American
to the core. At times many of us forget that the can do spirit, open hand and brotherhood make us unique amongst nations. Yeagley forgets about the open hand and spirit of community we are known and envied around the world for at times.

I am no doubt very Jewish but the foundation of my soul is American.
Those at Bad Eagle who think Jews are alien are not as American as they think.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, Betty Ann NEVER says ANYTHING without a reason. She is as genuine in her "angryness" as Yeagley is in his "naivity". Whether she intends to irritate somebody or to troll for a reaction or whatever her motives are to praise me I don't know and I don't care. But a reason she has, a reason that has nothing to do with me.

And Yeagley is the most un-naive person I have ever come across, whether in the Internet or in real life. He is using and abusing you. If you don't mind providing him with jerk-off material, go ahead. Didn't you come to Naughty Chicken via Richard Poe? Why don't you ask why Poe has retired from Naughty Chicken? Not that I am interested, but it might help YOU to see the truth.

This was the last I've said about it. You are a good and wellmeaning guy. Dream on!

Ducky's here said...

Doesn't surprise me that a Kahanist would feel comfortable at Yeagley's hate site.