Sunday, June 28, 2009

Being Too Tough

My father is similar to me in many ways. Last week my mother went in for a heart procedure.
She was released with little fanfare. My father had no symptoms but went in for a similar test. He wasn't released and the operation was two days ago.

I saw him yesterday. He was alert and had his personality. He knew that I gave a relative in need way too much money to change my car battery. It would be nice if I saw my car, but Drummaster clearly knows the difference between 4 and 6 cylinders. He has lost weight and is trying to grow a beard. He has 90 credits in criminal justice and is doing well.

Sunbeam is truly special and offered to make the Shabos dinner. My mother joked that my cooking and driving are more dangerous than the heart procedure. Oddly, my father likes industrial food and swears by the kosher meal at the hospital. He was irritated that the TV coverage was 24/7 Michael Jackson. He was also aware of the Yankees score and Pinella telling Milton Bradley to get out of his uniform.

I am going to make a care package with Sunbeam to send to camp. A comic book, some chocolates and some very light reading should do the trick. Rav Roov's son is in Israel studying the Talmud. It seems to be his passion and he is a good kid. I wish this were another passion that
one could make a living with. He has a good personality and will likely end up in a sheltered religious atmosphere.

I enjoyed my trip to the city. Something about me tells tourists I am a local. I took some young
students who pestered me to the Forbidden Planet. It is too bad that in that Comic Book and science fiction haven there really are not Beakerambo products. I want to say that the Japanese comics are either too cute or x rated.

My father will be fine but no driving for five weeks should be hard on him. He also has to sit in the back seat. It is better that his procedure was in the summer as he can walk around. Sadly the nearest kosher place is one mile uphill and he can't cary more than 5 pounds.


Always On Watch said...

What kind of procedure did your father have?

If you'd rather share privately, email me.

The Pagan Temple said...

Heads up. Michael Jackson might have indeed faked his death. I have the video that purports to prove it, straight from an early morning CNN broadcast which has since not been repeated. If this is true, it could be really big.

Anonymous said...

I hope your dad makes a speedy recovery.

The_Editrix said...

So do I!

beakerkin said...

My father had a quadruple bypass. He is doing well, but is clearly not himself. Sunbeam says I expect to much too soon.

My father was always feisty and he seems not to have his spirit.

The_Editrix said...

You may find your father different altogether, even after recovery. People with open heart surgery or other major heart problems often change their personality, become more difficult, tend to nag a lot when they have been easygoing and sunny before the illness. You will need a lot of patience. Always tell yourself and your other family members that it isn't his fault, it's the illness.

Z said...

Beak, they say bypass patients go through a kind of depression..possibly the drugs, possibly the thoughts of mortality. And they recover.
I hope that for your dear Dad. Glad Mom's okay.
We're facing a heart thing in our family, too..sadly.

Prayers going out to you..xx

beamish said...

My dad was exhausted for a while after his heart surgery a few years ago. But he bounced back. He's got more years in him left and it shows. Tell your Dad to let himself be pampered a bit.