Thursday, June 18, 2009


One can admire the courage of the Persian people. However, this is going to end poorly. This is a power mad theocracy that does not care about human lives. Of course the people of Iran deserve better governance. Most people in the world deserve better governance.

Of course the usual clown Galloway found it necessary to slam the Iranian protesters. Perhaps they need to perform acts of terrorism and concoct a fake nationality and claim the regime is Jewish before he approves.


Always On Watch said...

clown Galloway found it necessary to slam the Iranian protesters


But I'm not surprised. Galloway is the dhimmi of all time -- or some such.

I've been offline most of today. TMW explained at my site in a post she put up for me this morning.

The_Editrix said...

Galloway is right, albeit for the wrong reasons. It's Mullah X's guys versus Mullah Y's guys and the elections were not rigged. There was no need to rig them.

The protesters are the children of those admirable, courageous "Persians" who didn't find the Shah oppressive enough and chased him away just 30 years ago and Western values and democracy are the last things they have in mind.

Mark my words.