Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Owning a Blog

I want to point out the responsibility and problems of owning a blog or site. The problems at Bad Eagle highlight some of the problems.

I want to explain my version of the state of events. Bad Eagle was a wonderful place with many great posters. For reasons unknown, the site has attracted a series of hard core bigots focused mainly on Jews. Dr Yeagley is a friend to the Jewish community and tried to reason with this mind set. We have dealt with a series of Marxists and White Supremacists who ultimately got banned.

There is a hard core element that has portrayed his love of the Jewish community as being not Indian or a tool of the Jews. This is a classic anti semitic theme that dates back centuries.

1) An owner of a blog is judged by his words.

This is true of all blog owners.

2) A blog owner has a responsibility to State his own opinions differ from that of his commenters.

This is true of Yeagley or myself. When certain commenters disagreed with my views of gays I made my position clear as did Dr Yeagley.

3) When the bigotry persists over time choices have to be made.

Sadly, the over the top bigotry with Von Brunn style Nazi rants continued from two dolts followed by an old female shrew who think I am obligated to deal with this for days.

4) If you do not deal with bigotry people make their own choices.

This is a choice I made to leave a site where I hung my hat for a while. I decided to leave not because I dislike Yeagley. Rather, my choice was to spare him the if you object to crass Jew hatred you are not a real Indian or Conservative bit.

5) State your own vision.

I am Beakerkin, proud American patriot of Jewish extraction. I love this country where we are joined by common ideals. I am not the most religious, but to call me an atheist would be an error.
I bond with Sunbeam and my family at religiouss gatherings. I also admire true Christians who do not mix Marx or racial goonery into the words of the savior.

I am a New Yorker at home with other cultures and opinions. It is fun going to an event at the Guyanese or Dominican communities. It is a shared experience that doesn't detract from my own.

I believe in love and do not lecture others about where to find it. My love is Sunbeam. I will not point fingers at others who choose a partner from another religion or race. I will never hate gays or lesbians for being themselves. They have a right to live free from hatred just like the rest of us. I do not try to understand their choice, but rather I respect their personal liberty.

I believe in the big tent theory. You do not have to agree on everything, as there is room for most itellectual diversity. Intellectual diversity ends when your views endanger the liberty of others, so Marxists, Anarchists, Racial Power goons and those seeking Theocracy are outside my

We must never dehumanize anyone, because we can kill what is not human. We should only kill in self defense lest we become our enemies.

Evil does exist in the minds of men. The greatest way to combat it is to insist upon minimum individual rights. Racial power kooks, Commies and Jihadis will kill for their power, but we must demand minimum laws for all. Nobody should be above those standards. Conversely, Anarchy is
even as dangerous as a repressive police state.It would have a comedic factor topped only by Kim Jong Ill as well.

6) If you do not state your vision others will define you.

I stated my vision.
Perhaps someday all of you will state your own vision.

7) There comes a time for banning.

I do not accept criminal threats
I do not accept spam
I do not accept repeated daily bigotries or turning this site into a hate site

8) Have fun
If it isn't fun do something else.

9) Enjoy the friends you meet.
We even enjoy the Duck as he understands the limits of this site

10) Stand by your friends
We had a strange person here who seemed to place her needs above the peer group. It was sad to see her go, but she wished it.

11) Sometimes you will have to choose
Sad but true.

12) It is okay to miss friends.
I miss Felis, Justin, Tazz, Bargholtz, Orange Ducks ( he is deceased), Kuhnkat, American Crusader and many others.

13) Hold a hand open to good people.
The Editrix and I have had a fight or two. However, I consider her a good person and held my hand out in friendship.

14) Mock those who are beneath contempt like racial power nuts, commies and Jihadis.

15) Be proud of what you are and respect others differences, unless they threaten your liberty.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a creed worth standing by.

The_Editrix said...

"The Editrix and I have had a fight or two. However, I consider her a good person and held my hand out in friendship."

Thank you, Beak! I have said so before, but you have been a most magnanimous opponent. I know I can be a pain in the proverbial.

Always On Watch said...

This is a choice I made to leave a site where I hung my hat for a while.

Sad, but necessary.

The Merry Widow said...

Heck, Beaker and I don't agree on everything, but we respect, like and trust each other...and it works for me.
Hang in there, Beaker, you're a good man and there are those of us who appreciate you!

Why disrespect yourself to the point that you stay for abusive treatment?

The_Editrix said...

Why disrespect yourself to the point that you stay for abusive treatment?

Well said! Exactly that is the point.