Sunday, June 07, 2009

Will we survive the crisis

The truth is this is probably the worst crisis since the Great Depression. The truth is we do have to do something about ruanaway medical, educational and housing costs. The problem may be there is to much regulation without common sense.

What if we could build insurance tailored to clients needs. The problem is we have 50 different rules instead of one floor. In places like Vermont there is less competition and prices are sky high.Why not allow people to buy minimum coverage for catastrophic illness? They do not need aroma therapy or allergists, so why pay for it.

Families and young people are burdened by sky high educational costs. The cost of education needs to be reduced so that young families are not burdened with a second mortgage. Maybe the face of academic mediocrity and laziness should be Bill Ayers. Just how did he get his job and how many hours a week does he work. Sorry, but the soft sciences should be done by educators who work 40 hour work weeks with no sabbaticals. Also Communist goons do not have the right
to stick the public with featherbed jobs that are thin guises for political activism.

We also need a sane immigration policy that is vocational based. The policy would stop anchor babies and brides. The endless cycle of appeals needs to end. There must be genuine penalties for US citizens who commit fraud.


Always On Watch said...

Why not allow people to buy minimum coverage for catastrophic illness? They do not need aroma therapy or allergists, so why pay for it.

Years ago, I had such a catastrophic-coverage policy. But when I went looking for something like that a few months ago, I discovered that getting such a policy for one approaching age 60 and with multiple pre-existing conditions, such as Mr. AOW, is not available! He has been deemed uninsurable except via HIPAA. And HIPAA coverage is not much cheaper than COBRA coverage! Even though we have paid in so much money to the health-insurance industry over the past 35 years, we are now stuck with what amounts to a house payment -- at a time in our lives when we're having a terrible time finding employment.

I just did some reading via Drudge as to BHO's proposal for healthcare reform. In my view, the only way to make health insurance reasonably priced is to mandate that all have coverage. I realize that many conservatives will disagree with me on this position.

However, I know several people who "went naked" for years; then, upon knowing that something was seriously wrong, they didn't visit a doctor and applied for health insurance -- and ran up bills like you wouldn't believe. They got their coverage at a low price! The same cannot be done for Mr. AOW because all of his pre-existing conditions are under treatment and under control. Therefore, I favor a government plan for Mr. AOW. After all, he has clearly paid in his "dues."

FJ said...

No. The truth is that we need to eliminate the source of this crisis, GOVERNMENT interference in the economy. PERIOD.

Always On Watch said...

Unfortunately, the government became deeply involved in the health insurance crisis with the advent of heavily subsidized health-insurance policies for government workers. The subsidies are funded by taxpayers' dollars, of course.

When Mr. AOW was denied private coverage, all my government-employee friends immediately said, "Tell him to get a job with the government. Then he'll get a cheap plan." Indeed, I know a lot of government employees who sought such employment just because of the health-insurance coverage. Private industry can't seem to match those deals!

FJ said...

...and government subsidizes student loans, thereby allowing people to pay MUCH more for their college educations than they can reasonably afford. W/O government subsidization, tuition rates would be MUCH lower across the board. All government money does is distort the economy and allow politicians to pick winners and losers.