Monday, October 31, 2005

Is the Beak the luckiest man in VT

My coworkers and some locals swear that I am the luckiest person in VT. I hit a deer and walk away with no damage to the car or deer. Last week a tree fell on top of me
and again no damage to car or Beaker. I did have to change my outfit because I got thrown into the snow. The locals are swearing that I am the luckiest man around.

My experiences with death and near death on 9-11 lead me to a different take on the subject. The line between death and near death is subtle. I no longer fear it as I once did . When our time comes is often not determined by us. Some of us go in our sleep but the rarest ones will go out in a tragic event.

The moral of the story is we do not write the final pages of our life story. Therefore it is important that we stop and reflect and tell those around us we love them. It is also important not to hold petty grudges against anyone other then Commies or Jihadists.

I may be the first person in recent times who can respond with a straight face to the oldest joke. "How fast was the tree moving when it hit you" I obviously wasn't going fast enough to get out of the way.

On Thursday I am working on a surprise collumn.


Always On Watch said...

You are certainly one lucky man!

I'm becoming more and more wary about driving: rear-ended in May, front-ended in July, very nearly missed getting sideswiped in September (reduced to quivering jelly on that last one).

I'm not afraid of death, but after the back injury in the May accident, I'm damned tired of suffering unrelenting and prolonged pain. I guess that I decided that death itself isn't to be feared as I watched two close friends die by inches because of brain cancer.

What matters is how we live, trite though such a statement may sound. As you said, Therefore it is important that we stop and reflect and tell those around us we love them.

PS: It's deer season here. I've had several close calls and keep my eyes peeled (as they say in the South), particularly before 10:00 a.m. and at least an hour before dusk falls.

PPS: Looking forward to your Thursday column.

Mr. Ducky said...

Another story to cover up his drunk driving. The insurance company is getting wise, Beak.

Cubed © said...

So glad you gave a "love exemption" re: commies and jihadists.

beakerkin said...

Cubed loving those who will cut your throat is unwise .

Esther said...

You are very lucky! Thank goodness. We need you around.