Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Gay Bunker.

People reading this blog assume I am a doctrinaire conservative.However in reality I am advertised a vehemently anti Communist moderate. Communists have no place in the debate on anything . They are to be laughed at like other morons like racial supremacists and extreeme environmental nuts. Most environmento nut jobs are Communists in reality.

The vast majority of gays are well adjusted normal people as far removed from 167 as you or I are removed from David Duke. The problem many gays have is they let the far left Commies speak for them. I have always maintained I speak for myself and it is time that well adjusted Gay people do as well.

I define Gay rights as human rights. Gays have every right to be left alone but please don't tell me details. I do not care or need to know make your point and move on. I do not need to tell anyone that I prefer petite brunette females. Nobody should care as it has zero to do with my worth as a person or employee.

That being said I do not need a special ciriculum as all gay sex acts can be performed by heterosexuals. Nor does the subject need to be adressed in any manner until late Junior high. The entire segment should be on acceptance not the hysterical screeching or preaching. Thus I am against efforts like NYC moronic children of the rainbow. Let young kids learn to read without attempts at indoctrination as Heather has two Mommies or Gloria goes to Gay Pride.

I also do not want insane Marxists defining religious scriptures and terms. God is and never will or can be PC. Any religion defines truth to believers in a circle and places unbelievers outside the circle. If your church says I am hell bound as an unbeliever I have zero problem.

However the limits of religious freedom are religions that advocate criminal acts against nonbelievers. I have zero problem with a Church that says God hates Jews or Fags. I have problems if the church advocates man ( a flawed creation) carry out this divine interpretation and start killing Jews , Gays or anyone named Cletus.

Thus I am perplexed by liberals making excuses for Islam and Johny Jihad or Comrade Karl. Islam is a religion whose mainstream thought is the conquer of the planet and wholesale slaughter of Jews , Gays and others. These are not mere words but points of action. Temples in Tunisia, Buenos Aires , Office towers in NYC and School kids in Beslan have zero to do with anything. In fact given the level of provocation I am amazed India, Russia and Israel others are as restrained as they are.

Thus the world says zero when Muslims shoot school kids in the back. Yet we are supposed to be mortified about the cremation of Muslim bodies or Abu Gahrib. Sorry there Abdul your cohorts had zero concerns about burning 2900 of my friends and fellow NYC residents to a crisp on 9-11. At least we waited till Mahmoud was dead to incinerate him.

The lack of coherncy from the screaching far left gay crowd ( not you mercurial Morris) is beyond belief. London is attacked on 7-7 and the big problem is a police accident without the mention of religious nuts who caused it. There was the usual lame attempt to tie the 7-7 massacre to Iraq etc. Muslims do not need grievances they invent them. The butcher of Baghdad in his BVDS is an outrage. No gasing Kuds at Halabja and running rape rooms is an outrage.

Yet the screaching hypocritical imperial left is amazing. Falwell says boo about gays and stop the presses. Islamic goverments kill gays as national policy ho hum. How dare you critisize a third world goverment. How dare you point out the anti Semitism of Johny Jihad or Komrade Karl.

I do not know if the majority of well adjusted Gay people feel the same disgust I feel when Chomsky, Lerner and other Comuno loosers claim to speak for me.

I am an American and I love my country. I speak with pride and reverance for my people and history. Woe onto you Johny Jihad when you attack my country. You can have your stinking fetid dessert.Komrade Karl you may claim to be American but you never were and will be. I will fight your treason till the end of my days. More us need to stop appologizing for being American . I do not think the Eurosalons and accademic gasbags are more relevant then Walmart shoppers. In fact I care about the opinions of Walmart Shoppers more then gasbags at MIT or NYU. Walmart Shoppers and people who serve the country each and every day are our backbone. The accademic and Hollywood gas bags are parasites feeding on our greatness.


Mr. Ducky said...

The was quite a diatribe Beak. What got you on a gay kick? Started doubting yourself after you got a fund raiser from Ken Mehlmen? Or maybe it was the latest Scott McClellan press conference.

Rethugs sure do love the closet. The constituency is so accepting of gays. All hypocrites just like you Beak but at least you like WalMart shoppers. Your no class collaborator. Just a homophobe.

beakerkin said...

Duncy my thought on Gay rights have been the same for years. I have been an always will be an anti communist moderate.

Your claim of homophobe is rather amusing . I do not take Marxist seriously. As Regan said scratch a Commie and smell the fear. Lies and sedition are as natural to you as breathing. You do not anger me as you are to ignorant and pathetic to be a first class bore.

Kindly go under the rock until I summon you.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Heterosexuals don't have same-sex marriage rights. Why should gays?