Monday, October 03, 2005


I think in the comming year we need to refocus our attention on the far left. The historical and theological flaws of jihad are evident enough. Even Muslims themselves do not delve into the PC contortionds of the far left.

I was reading Amir Tahiri this Friday but he has said domething I have long believed. I was struck at how an Osama statement resembled that of Chomsky and Moore. Tahiri points out that the far literaly stokes the flames of Arab resentment and anti Americanism.

In the coming year I am going to devote way more reading and attention to the far left. The far lefts free ride should end and I am developing a reading list but I welcome suggestions history and non fiction only.


Anonymous said...

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samwich said...

Beaker, pull up and get a copy of "Bondage of the Free"
by Kent Steffgen. It is loaded with historical info about the hysterical far left.

S.....for slick

Mr. Ducky said...


You really should start with Kapital and Lenin's "State and Revolution". You need to build your foundation.

Or maybe you want to start with some of the utopian socialists such as Robert Owen.

Since your United States history is lacking it might be viable to start with a history of the labor union movement in the Merrimac valley, maybe a history of the "mill girls". Just think what it would be like to be the first in your group to discuss something from fact.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Ah yes, as no discussion of terrorism in the United States would be complete without discussing the dynamite-tossing anarchists in the Haymarket Riots of the "beginning of the labor movement."

Terrorism works. Ask the AFL-CIO.

Esther said...

Looking forward to your list, Beak. And I applaud your refocus! Excellent move.