Saturday, October 01, 2005

The decent folk win again. What a week ?

The NYFD fired its Muslim Chaplain for advocatin insane conspiracy theories about 9-11. These idiotic theories were denounced by an expert on crank theories Art Bell as anti semitic garbage. These theories are promoted by three types of loosers Jihadists , Far left Commie nutjobs and far right white power nuts.

The next part of the leap is the familiar Joooooish / neocon and zionist media conspiracy familiar to readers of this blog by the labotomy of the far left 167. Yet his cohorts never seem to say a word about the anti semitism of 167 but want us to turn the world upside down at every percieved slight of gays by Falwell & Robertson.

The issue is not free speech in this case but appropriateness. How is a Imam to the FDNY supposed to spiritualy counsel survivors who were there while espousing garbage. This Imam is a disgrace to his order and it would be interesting to hear the views of Muslim members of NYFD. Firemen have a brotherhood that transcends stupidity .

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