Friday, September 30, 2005

Book Review Ibn Warraq Why I am not a Muslim

If you read Robert Spenser's The Myth of Islamic Tolerance this book is a waste of time. The best Chapters are in the Spenser book and you get Bat Yeor and Spenser as a bonus.

Warraq spends way too much time on philosophy . I prefer to deal with history and jump into battle with the information. You can do much better then this book with the Spenser book or The Great Divide by Alvin Schmidt.

Remember that we spend more time with the far left then the Jihadists. Thus we are more likely to encounter anti semites like they Duck or rubber chicken clown types like 167. The Duck is smart enough to avoid the Holocaust unlike 167 who is at best a comedic prop or a running gag. How do I get so much coverage in blogs whose authors swear they do not read this blog. 167s toady has taken to calling me a Nazi Kike . Yet if we responded in kind he would be in a self righteous mode for weeks. I do not use ethnic slurs but place labels where they belong. I call them as I see them and a person writting about the Holocaust industry and Joooish cabals is by definition an anti semite.

I am reading Bat Yeors Decline of Eastern Christianity next.

Has anyone read Naipul ? I have heard mixed reviews of his work ?


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

If you consider Islam to be a political ideology, Ibn Warraq's philosophical examination of Islam is as important as reviewing the body-strewn bloody trail it has left behind it in history to have arrived at this point.

Warraq's atheism aside, he mistakes "monotheism" for the pseudotheism of the State, or in Islamic terms, the Caliphate.

gandalf said...

VS Naipaul is an excellent author
his books are well worth reading , he has good logic and an incisive mind

beakerkin said...


The problem with our side is we often read the same bookds. I am reading Bat Yeor but VS Naipul seems intruiging. His comments on dual colonialism of Europe then Islam are thought provoking. I am going to have to read his work in full.

There are plenty of books out there so lets hear other ideas.

Mr. Ducky said...

Remember Beak...History is not memory. a little philosophy is in order.

Interesting that you automatically select books that are critical of Islam and never get a balanced view.

May I suggest "The Swallows of Kabul", a rather painful look, by a muslim, at what the Taliban did to his religion.

Try to keep an open mind Beak..what if everyone thought Benny the Pig Netanyahu were representative of all Jews?

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