Saturday, September 24, 2005

New Reading

I am reading Ibn Warraqs why I am not a Muslim. Generaly, I avoid books by disgruntled types. Jews certainly have plenty of those Chomsky, Norman Finklestein, Michael Lerner who readily betray their people in the service of their real religion Communism. The extreeme left is seditious by nature and one can not talk facts and logic with the far left.

Warraq has a nice style and when I am finnished I will do a review.

On page 4 John Kenneth Galbraith offended Muslims in India by naming his cat Ahmed. Ahmed is another name for the Prophet. Thus all of this catering to PC sensabilities is absurd. Those who want to run around looking for grievences will find it. We can not and should not go looking for slights. Do I care that the person up the block has a mutt named David. The dog is well behaved and brings smiles where ever he goes. Contrast this to Johny Jihad who brings joy and happiness whenever he goes.


Anonymous said...

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Esther said...

Yeah, I don't get why they seem to be so easily offended all the time. Worse though, why do we have to pay for it? Whatever happened to live and let live? Don't worry... that was rhetorical. ;)

Always On Watch said...

Around here, Ahmed means "the profit." One of the largest land developers has that name.

Let me be serious now...Ibn Warraq's book is not just one of a disgruntled apostate. He points out many of the lesser known aspects of Islam. I read the book a few years ago--it's a jaw-dropper, with insights only a former Muslim could have.

I'll look forward to your book review.

PS: A friend of mine once had a cow which he named after me. I didn't get offended, despite the weighty connotations and that the cow ended up on the dinner table one night.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Very good book!

His anti-religion atheistic riffs are somewhat tedious, but when he's focusing on Islamic theology and not throwing all religions out with the lunatic cult, he's spot on.