Saturday, September 10, 2005

The shadow of 9-11

Long term readers know I was an eyewitness to 9-11 and a survivor of WTC 93. Tommorow I will soend some time at the local monument to 9-11. Most employees know that on the rare ocaision I work in town I stop and look at the local monument. My life will be intertwined with the inevitable questions about that day. 9-11 hurt all real Americans whether you watched on TV or you were there in person.

Not long after 9-11 the seditious left held a Nuremburg style rally in Union Square Park. The buildings were still burning and the smell of burning evil filled the air as the Commie finks blamed Israel, Neocons, Pentagon, CIA , Haliburton, Bush and Capitalism for the attack. "Why do they hatr us its the fault of the Joooooooos". Do we ask why a rabid dog bites? Do we ask why a scorpion stings ? Rabid dogs and scorpions are what they are. Religious nuts with a 1300 year history of Jim Crow , Slavery, Ethnocide and often genocide were acting acording to their view of Islam which means submission not peace. Does this mean every Muslim is a terrorist of course not. However, to ignore the problem is to deny reality. Not even Stephen Schwartz a Muslim himself denies the obvious.

An interesting exchange occured with our poster Duncy er Ducky. Sevedral people had to ask him over the course of days who flew those planes into the buildings. It took three days for the bird brain to give the right answer. There is no rationalization or excuses for what happened on that day. Those who make excuses are bigots themselves by not holding Muslims up to the same standards every one else lives by.

Yet I want all of you to remember amongst the horror of that day brave men were at there finest. They perished trying to save lives and I will never forget that look of duty, determination, honor and defiance. The firemen who rushed to save lives while risking their own is what my country is about. My country is about my coworkers leaving children and friends to help out members of the American family in New Orleans.

The far left is alienated from our culture and lately I have been thinking about wounded animals. Wounded animals always make the most noise right before they die. These people are irrelevant and disloyal members of our household. The next time a Commie fink talks about the latest 9-11 conspiracy say this.

On 9-11 religious nuts attacked my nation. Any attempt to defile the memories of people who lost their lives saving others or just trying to earn a living is ghoulish. Any person who does that does not deserve the honor of being an American.


Esther said...

You are so right about those amazing heroes who rushed in to save lives. We must remember them and their bravery. I will think of you and all the others touched by the events of 9/11... I still can't believe it's been four years.

Always On Watch said...

I posted this comment at my site last night, but it fits here as well:

Thank you for reminding all of us of the nobility of spirit of those who unselfishly and valorously rushed in to save others. Yes, they are heroes--much like the soldiers of Valley Forge and the Alamo.

As I've mentioned to you before, I have a Ground Zero cap. To it, I have pinned a fireman's red hat. I get so many comments on that fireman's hat.

And, Beak, every chance I get, I tell people what I know of your story--the 1993 attack on the WTC and, of course, 9/11. Know that you are in the prayers of many who have never met you, but who read your blog.

I believe that everyone who sincerely prayed for our heroes on 9/11 and in those days following 9/11 are heroes of a sort as well--provided those same people still remember (How many seem to have forgotten!). Some of us are brave enough to recognize the different levels of the significance of that day.

You will be in my prayers tomorrow, Beak. I will pray that, as you continue to remember 9/11, your spirit will remain strong and undefeated.

Always On Watch said...

You've written before of that Union Square rally. And every time I think of that travesty, I get pissed off. Being here in the D.C. area, I was unaware of that rally. I can only imagine how you must have felt on the day of the rally.

I think that I've told you before that, when I visited Ground Zero (I think it was 09/09/03, and people all around were praying at the fence's perimeter), a fellow from Germany was loudly telling his companion about how 9/11 was the fault of the United States. I told him off! What I said is unfit to type in here--but the German fellow shut the hell up by the time I got finished with him.

Yesterday, I had occasion to speak with my neighbor, who is a counter-terrorism official with DOS. His jaw dropped as I held forth on the truth about the reason for 9/11. In fact, he was stunned to know that an ordinary citizen had so much knowledge about the truth. Guess he had previously thought I was just a woman holding a yard sale. BTW, I wore my Ground-Zero cap all day long yesterday and will be doing so again today. I WILL NEVER FORGET! I see those images from 9/11 over and over again, in my mind's eye. My life changed on 9/11, and I was in relative safety here--unlike you, in NYC.

Of course, none of us are really safe as long as these nihilistic zealots pursue their agenda of barbaric destruction.

beakerkin said...


I have to tell you about some good news. The other day same Montrealers were in town buying gas
and repeating the far left BS about Jews and America being responsible for 9-11. They were met with a barage of insults from the locals and literaly fled.

I hear Montreal Talk radio which is worse then Air America. The exception is that Montreal talk radio hosts have some talent.

Always On Watch said...

The BSers fled? You just made my day!

At my site, I left a long comment to Gindy about today's "impromptu" events at the Pentagon. I was there. What an uplifting event I experienced! If you have time, stop by my site and see what I said to Gindy. It's a long comment toward the end of the comments section. I think you'll like some of the images I tried to convey with words.

You'll also be interested to know that some of the members of the Mustang Club lost friends at the WTC and at Shanksville. I had expected that some would've lost friends at the Pentagon--and they did, of course.

Today had such meaning for me, and I saw the spirit of patriotism. Warms the heart, but the sadness of 9/11 is forever with me.

And as I promised you, I prayed for you at the Pentagon. Stay strong!