Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Book Review time Robert Spencers Myth of Islamic Tolerance

The book is a colllection of articles that vary with the talents of the authors. If you have not read Bat Yeor or Ibn Waraq they are highlighted here the other authors are ordinasry.

It is rare that we face a genuine Jihadist on this blog or even in NYC. However the usual tact is to try and compare Christian History with Islamic history. The following books are invaluable.

The Great Divide by Alvin Schmidtt lays this argument to rest and is fun reading,
Indigenous People Under the Rule of Islam by Fred P Isaac is a favorite and it takes a global perspective on Islamo Facism.

Most of the time we dead with self important far left Communist PC bigots who have never had an intelligent thought in their life. Thus the issue is not really Islam but attacking America and Israel as proxies for Capitalism. Thus the best book by far is the Black book of Communism. Much of David Horowitz and Radosh are useful as well. You are far more likely to encounter a cliche tossing left wing yokel then a jihadist so prepare wisely.

If you can get the book David Horowitz Second Thoughts Conference is an amazing eye opening book and allows you to watch far left types wretch.

I am currently reading Destructive Generation and the self absorption on the far left is familiar. The people on the far left never learn and never grow up.

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