Friday, September 23, 2005

Mental Pathologies Anti Semitism 167 and Silence of the Liberals and a Familiar Friend

The mentaly deranged lunatic 167 who swears he is not anti Semitic or a Communist goes off the deep end. Even rational anti semites generaly avoid the Holocaust. Thus 167 has lifted a term of his favorite Joooo the Commie ( he calls himself Green) Norman ( uber crank) Finklestein the Zionist Holocaust Industry. The premise of the demented Finklestein whose book by the same title was compared to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion by the NYT and even the far left UK Gaurdian calls anti semitic is that a cabal of jooooooos exagerated the Holocaust for proffit and to advance the cause of Zionism.

Zionism and Genocide of Jooooooooos predate the creation of Israel a country the demented one is obsessed with. Bad Jooooooos ( Neocons ) started the Iraq war for Israel's sake. Two Jews are in a room with 200 people and they naturaly form a cabal.
The other ethnic groups are in the minds mere pupets of the Joooooos.

He even sees a mythical Zionist media obviously the one that reports fake Jennin massacres. The same Zionist media that ignores there never has been a Palestinian people and that Palestinians are Arabs. The same logic makes me a Canarsie Indian despite the fact that I have zero biological , cultural or any other ties to the Canarsie. David Duke uses this term as well.

The question of why a Jooooooo such as myself would devote space to Israel and anti Semitism is a non starter. However more interestingly the Elmer Fudd type of obsession with Jooooooos and Israel has now entered Pathology. However, I am certain the rabid one will see a tie between mental health care (Frued) and Zionism.

The left wing hypocrites who were so angered over my portrayal of 167 as anti semitic and a Communist are silent. They have zero to say when a Commie (he denies there historic and current abuses) preaches anti semitism. My familiar friend who knows exactly who he is says zero about anti semitism from 167. He wants to come here
and cry about posters here who like myself see Islamo Facism or hyper Arabism as a genuine threat to Western Civilization. 1300 years of abuses against a range of people tend to speak for themselves.


Always On Watch said...

1300 years of abuses against a range of people tend to speak for themselves.

That range included and continues to include any and all who do not accept or subject themselves to Islamic rule or to the whims of whatever Islamist ruler is in power at the time. If that is not a totalitarian threat, what is?

Islamists demonize Zionism so that they themselves will not be held accountable for their own failures.

Mr. Ducky said...

You are short sighted as usual "Always on Watch". This idea that radical Islam is primarily a threat to Western nations is quite harmful.

Study what's happening in Bangladesh currently. As always, moderate muslims are the ones paying the highest price for fanaticism (Saudi financed of course) but you continue to support the party which prevents an accomodation with the moderate muslim world and continues to turn a blind eye to the Saudi complicity.

You and the Beak stupid ranting about Zionism (as if it were significant contemporary movement) should really be more circumspect about the damage you do

beakerkin said...


You never cease to amaze me but as ignorant and bigoted as you are you avoid the Holocaust. 167 Communazi act of bigotry has raised his stupidity to an all time new high.

Always on the Watch is correct as Islamic governments use the two minutes of hate to cover their own failures. FYI Duncy Jews not Arabs are the indigenous people. Zionism is the legitimate aspiration of the Jewish people to have their own state. Last I checked there were 22 Arab states allready.