Friday, September 02, 2005

Mediocrity and the Beak

I do not mind my critics in fact we have an official troll. Drew might be stupid and lame but he never cries and is his his own man. He does not need to carry water or a jockstrap for any hero .

Thus we come to troll Craig B. Typical respone U are a liar nazi genocial jooooooooo repeated ad nausem. Craig are you capable of new material. For fun answer this.

1 Has any of your posts been censored or any one elses ?
2 I think 167 has been on this blog about eight times more then my posts on his. Thus the question of who is obsessed with whom is amusing. Lets see how does one qoute a blog that they claim they do not read.
3 Have you noticed I laugh at your usual charges because there is no basis in fact. However the Anti Semitism along with a host of other bigotries at the 167 folk tale delusion house of idiocy is apparent.
4 How did Warren become a Mormon ? What is wrong with being a Mormon? Wait didn't 167 accuse Warren and myself of being the same person. Different writting styles are just an inconvenient detail. So now is the folk tale spinner accusing me of being a Mormon. I know he is obsessed with Genetalia as his headline "Beakerkin wants to compare dick sizes". Maybe he is looking for circumsision scars.

5 How does a person who claims to be SUCH an expert on hell bound Zionists also regularly trash all organized religions. You can reread my post for the penalties for homosexuality in Islamic countries.

6 So now Tony Blair is a zionist . In what lifetime did that happen. Zionist media the same tyerm David Duke uses coincedence. The Zionist media did a great job on the fake Jennin massacre.

7 The fact that a Jew writes frequently about Jewish issues is not unusual. The fact that a Joooooo obsessed leftist folk tale commie needs to work Zionist and Jooooo into about at least 1/3 of his posts is curious. Can we say pathological bigot of Left wing PC redneck ?

8 Has the person who is an expert on litteracy figured out what a run on sentence is.
Dr Yeagley and Richard Poe are still laughing. 167 divided by what or in the words of Warren 1.67. , please let us know. FYI I think it is a hat size as he is always patting himself on the back.

9 Have you held Gay pride in Mecca yet ? 167 has never used his head so a beheading might improve his intelligence. However the homosexuals I know use their brains every
day . Holding Gay Pride in a country that has the death penalty for Homosexuality seem just a WEEEEEEE bit impractical and probably unadvisable.

10 Lets see every aleged homophobic statement by Christians is a CRISIS. Yet the silence of Islamic clerics who preach killing GAYS is par for the course at the blog of 167. 167 defended Ken Livingstones meeting with a Islamic cleric who advocated Gays, can we say hypocrite. He also failed to mention Hindooooooos , Bhoooooodists, some liberal Mooooooooslims , think hooooooomosexuals and a wide variety of others were critical of that meeting but he only writes of the JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS. Hmmmmm it walks like a hypocrite, it talks a hypocrite what do you think it is.

Lastly do note Craig as you slow of mind and deviod of any discernable intelligence that he is free to respond. Maybe he should extend the courtesy of others.


Anonymous said...

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Craigy B said...


Let me get this straight. You post 8 times more about him than he ever did about you, but you claim that makes him obsessed with you?

You continue to post about him multiple times a week whilst he virtually ignores you, but you claim that makes him obsessed about you?

You claim he has said that he doesn't read your blog. He actually claimed not to visit your blog. He doesn't need to visit your blog to read it, because your blog is the laugh of blogsphere; held up as an example of small-minded America at its worst.

Sweetheart, you are such a dumb NAZI fuck that even if you had a brain, which you clearly don't, you still wouldn't be able to figure out how to use it.

Get off your fat bum and experience the real world, not the imaginary world of your pathetic unknowing ignorant heroes like Dr Yeagley and Richard Poe who wouldn't even be able to find their way out of a paper bag.

And before you try to tell people about sentences, then you should take the time to learn what a sentence is, how to use punctuation and paragraphs, because one quick glance at this illiterate hellhole tells any visitor that you haven't got a clue.

Finally, you forget that your lie about not being able to post on his blog was exposed a LONG LONG time ago.

Now piss off to New Orleans and shoot a few of them Democrat looters; you know you'd love to, Adolf.

Much love and sweet devotion to you, your ridiculous fascist readership and the brainless brain-dead Warren too (he warrants separate mention, because he can't even read yet and therefore can’t be classed as one of your readership).

PS: Where is that Zionist Bitch, Edith, these days? She seems to be keeping very quiet.

beakerkin said...

Lets see a person volunteers to go to New Orleans and the far left likens it to Nazism.

Hmmm you are not original at all. The next intelligent thought will be your first.

Excuse me dumbass I travel around the USA extensively as do the readers of this blog. We clearly know about the American people more then you or the Communo/ Nazi
167 does.

Still can not answer a question as to why Mr self righteous needs to censor critics. He can not back a single post in any forum .

Zionist Bitch another ethnic slur from the paragon of virtue. Comparing Joooooooooos to Nazis the oldest anti semitic act in the Commie playbook.

167 is an illustration of far left stupidity and bigotry. He is used to illustrate idiocy like a comedic prop. He excells in his role as a human rubber chicken. Look at the insane moron comparing Bush to Hitler and predicting Revolution. It is not I that needs to go into the real world but you left wing morons.

FYI I see the paper work and you want to tell me that people are not emigrating from London. I have at least double figures on my desk alone. These application took place well before 7-7. Get a clue.

Warren said...

Craigy, do you really think I give a damn what a low grade moron, like you, thinks, (and I use the word think sarcastically).

Like your person, your posts stink of dirty underwear and amyl nitrite "poppers" with just a hint of the carnal house.

So let your stinking feet carry your stinking dead ass back to your butt buddy.

Now, I've wasted enough time. Unlike you, I have a life.