Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Clues that one is dealing with a Communist vs a liberal

Readers of this blog know that I lived and spent close to ten years in and around Union Square NYC. This is the traditional home of Communists as a wide variety of idiot Communist front groups traditionaly base themselves from this area. I have always been a dedicated anti Communist . Even when they agree with me on an issue such as Civil unions I do not want them anywhere near me. They are a seditious cult that practices thievery and sedition and have killed more people then anyone else period.

Those of you that do not live in NYC can learn about the antics of Comunista moronicus by reading Ronald Radosh or David Horowitz . Both were exComunists and portray the group think and history of deception in vivid detail.

The first clue that you are dealing with a Commie is that they play the blame America by its history game. Thus the entire history of the USA is racist and we will run down a laundry list of grievences. The truth is we can play this game with any civilization. Thus when a real Communist like 167 plays this game with Israel it is PC. The fact that I use the Zinn model on Islamic and Arab history eludes the demented one who calls the line racist. Yet when the exact same techniques are used on America and Israel there is zero problem.

Hint number two is that Communists reflexively use the term racist . They invent races like Muslims who come in all races, Arabs who are generaly white but not a racial category. They also champion fake indigenous people Palestinians who still call themselves Arabs in their great Zionist tract called the PLO charter. I was born in Brooklyn so I must be a Canarsie Indian. The fact that I have zero biological ties , do not practice the culture is merely inconvenient facts. They also
spit in the face of real indigenous people Copts, Assyrians, Kurds etc who all have their own languages and genuine historical identities going back thousands of years.

Liberals talk of Palestinian rights without excusing mittigating terror or even mentioning the word zionist. Communists use it all day and the humor of a Commie using Zionist as a curse word is amusing. How many fake Jennin massacres equal 100,000,000. Oh and starving people for their own benefit and shiping scores of ethnic groups to Siberia in cattle cars is just my imaqgination.

Everyone that they disagree with is Hitler or a Facist except that Commies aligned with Hitler until he turned on them oops. The brilliant Mr Beamish points out that Facism was an Italian version of socialism. Nazism hyper nationalism has way more in common with the new socialist man BS then conservatism or real liberalism.

Conservatives and Liberals celebrate and practice free speech. Communists errect speech codes where they eliminate all dissent. My late friend Saul a patriotic liberal pointed out speech codes themselves are facist.

Talk of Zionist media, elaborate conspioracies generaly involving cabals of Jooooo
(neocons is a code word for Jooooish weepublican) or moronic big oil are clues. Conspiracy talk is generaly reserved for bufoons.

Communist like to drone on about everything is Vietnam except Vietnam.They fail to mention 30 years of repression, boat people, killing fields and re education camps are their legacy. Lost in the mix is communist organization and manipulation of the peace protests. The fact the Hayden and other leaders worked with and coordinated with communists is a minor detail. The fact that Gnome Chomsky made Lord Haw Haw broadcasts from Vietnam is ignored.

When not moaning about their glory days in the peace protests which resembled a big pot party out of control they mourn the loss of the Sandanistas. The fact that the Sandanistas were brutal thugs who stole everyting in sight is forgotten . Also forgotten were the masacres of Miskito indians aided by mercenaries from the lefts favorite fake indigenous people the Palestinians. Fake indigenous people massacring real indigenous people is just another paradox. Two Jews in a room is a Jooish cabal to a commie but several Palestinians organizing a massacre of indians in Central America is a smear. The Palestinian advisers are listed in the Black Book of Comunism.

In general a Commie is a blood thirsty , hypocritical , thief with delusions he is god incarnate. They feel it is their right to lecture you take your resources and life for your own good.

Hopefuly Jason , Mr Beamish , Warrren and Always on the Watch will add to this.


Warren said...

Very few Communists will actually admit they are Communists. In the USA, Communism has been so throughly discredited they risk ridicule.

They say things like:

In view of the history of this racist country, no black man should ever be convicted of a crime.

No one can ever know the truth, (and in the same breath), I speak to a greater truth.

Anyone that disagrees with them is automatically a; " racist, sexist, bigoted homophobe". They way any argument becomes "unworthy" of consideration and a reply or refutation becomes unnecessary.

Some of the exchanges I've had:
Commie: "Religion is responsible for more deaths than any other reason!"
Me, citing many different sources: "What about the 100 million deaths that Communism has been responsible for in the 20th century alone?"
Commie: " Thats different, they were resisting liberation!"

Commie: "Real Communism has never been tried!
Me, citing the various "Communist experiments" that failed plus the USSR, China, Cambodia etc.
Commie: "Before we can have real Communism, the entire world must accept Communist doctrine!"
(Yes Beak, nothing is new under the sun)

Me: "Communism is a phony ideology based on a phony, infantile, Robin Hood mentality!"
Commie: "Robin Hood is a myth!"
Me: "My point exactly, a mythical ideology based on a fairy tale."
Commie: "Communism speaks to a greater truth!"

Me: "Communism isn't just another form of government. It has been responsible for the deaths of 100 million people."
Commie: "You should be slowly touchered to death for your intolerance!"

ps I hope this makes sense, I really should get some sleep.

Always On Watch said...

Communism states that religion is the opiate of the people, then proceeds to become a tyranny of men who suffer from the god-player mentality. The only morality is the furtherance of Communism; therefore, as a result of their egocentric ideology, killing millions of people doesn't matter because those millions don't adhere to the -ism. Also, instead of destroying the class system, as Communism claims it will do, it creates an even more rigid class system, with the Communist leaders sitting at the top and creating an oligarchy and a one-party system.

Within Communism all these freedoms are lost: freedom of personal conscience, freedom of economics, freedom of peace (The theory of dialectic materialsm calls for forces to oppose each other), freedom of politics, and freedom of religion. Take the opposite of our Bill of Rights and then you will see Communism in practice.

One of the paradoxes of Communism is the language used. As Warren pointed out liberation doesn't mean freedom. Instead, liberation means submission to tyrannical ideology. It is impossible to have a meaningful conversation with a Communism because the words do not have univeral meaning; such is not the case with true liberals. When the discussion sinks to name-calling, I know that I'm dealing with a Communist whether or not the other person has ever read Marx or Lenin. Many Communistic concepts pervade today's thinking, without the label "Communism."

Back in 1961, Leroy Brownlow, a Christian author, wrote a book called Bible Vs. Communism. Much of what he says about Communism isn't exclusive to the Christian perspective, although the author uses the Bible to show the falsities of Communism. Brownlow's book quotes extensively from Marx and Lenin, thus making a good quick reference. From the back cover of the book (in part):
"[Communism] is a system of hypocrisy which offers one thing and gives something else. it is a contradictory philosophy which glories in zigzags, inconsistencies, and broken promises; a degraded system which has elevated vagrant politicians to despotic lords who have bombarded the world with their infidel attacks upon...a free society which respects the dignity of man; an ideology which has raised up madmen, selfish, brutal, and horrendous, in their quest for world enslavement..."

Thus, we see many similarities between Fascism and Communism.

The similarities between Communism and Islamism are many. It is logical that Saddam Hussein's heroes were Stalin and Castro.

Always On Watch said...

There is an inherent logic fallacy in the theory of Communism. If one accepts the tenet that societies are ocnstantly evolving, then why should Communism not evolve into something else, even possibly reverting to capitalism? Furthermore, if the evolving of societies is a force which cannot be stopped, that goes far to explain why ruthless dictatorship is so necessary in order to maintain Communism as a political system. Thus, Communists rulers must use oppression to maintain their control of the society which they are ruling.

Mr. Ducky said...

Why doesn't Beak ever talk about the tribes that God told the jews to massacre.

The only reason the jews didn't continue this bloody history of slaughter is that they became a weak tribe.

Beak has become obsessed with commies. The poor demented child makes no allowence for the three million we killed taking sides in a civil war.

Time to leave the West Bank, Beak. You're out of there.

Warren said...

Ducky, send me the name of your PayPal account.
I'll send you a quarter so that you can buy a clue.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Why doesn't Beak ever talk about the tribes that God told the jews to massacre.

Why don't leftists ever find the part of the Bible where God punishes the children of Israel with the Assyrian and Babylonian invasions for not "massacring" the tribes he told them to, but intermingling with them and turning to their human-sacrificing, moon worshipping cults?

That would require actual reading, I suppose.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I have only two words for Communists:

The New Class by Milovan Djilas.

(oops, that was 6 words, damned capitalism)

Always On Watch said...

Some Muslims actually brag about being descended from the ancient Canaanites. Those ancient Canaanites were hedonistic pagans, with no sense of morality.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

There are no "Canaanites" (Phoenicians) as such, anymore. The last major contingent of them died at the hands of Roman legions while trying to cross the Alps on the backs of elephants (with Hannibal of Carthage.) Those that were not conquered became absorbed into subsequent invading populations across the North African coast.

Laughable are the claims that an modern "Palestinian" Arab could be a Phoenician.

beakerkin said...

Actualy the Maronites of Lebanon Whalid Phares claim to be Phonecian

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