Monday, September 05, 2005

Lessoms from the road

I drove back to VT the way that truckers do. Clear all big cities by rush hour so I left early at 830 . There was still plenty of trafic on the NJ Turnpike but once I cleared Troy NY I had the road to myself. However the Northway I 87 is the most beautiful stretch of road and it is criminal to drive at night. I was also not prepared for the fog banks. Frequently I hadv to cut speed .

In NYC we don't have fog so I am not experienced with driving in it. I am the rare driver that also prefers night time driving because it is easier to pick out who is where by headlights.

I will not have to deal with Laborday traffic.

Have a good labor day.


Warren said...

Living in the low lands, I'm used to the fog. I have a commercial drivers license and although I don't haul loads for a living, I have driven all kinds of vehicles in all kinds of weather in the US and Germany.

Remember, headlights - low beam, that's for other people to see you. That's true for snow or fog. Highbeams are reflected back toward you and actually decrease your visibility.

Don't let you speed overrun your visibility. In snow or fog, you are far more likely to run up on a stopped, slowed or stranded vehicle than a head-on collision. Those weak red tail lights do not penetrate the haze very well.

If you see someone behind you that seems to be overtaking you too fast, lightly tap your brakes, (just enough to activate your brake lights), just a couple of times. If they pass you, slow down until they are a comfortable distance ahead.

I don't know how many times I've had some overconfident twit pass me only to see them in a wreck or off the road a few miles ahead.

The worse fog I've ever seen was in Germany. A couple of times I had to pull of the autobahn to wait for the fog to thin.

"I am the rare driver that also prefers night time driving because it is easier to pick out who is where by headlights."

Just like the laser sights on my carry piece!

Watch out for non-combatants!

I prefer to drive at night, I've already seen the sights, less traffic. There is nothing I hate worse than rush hour in a big city.

Drew said...

How does it go? How many Republicans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Warren said...

I don't know Drew, How many Democrates does it take to change your diapers?

Drew said...

Wrong again 'Warren' if that is even your real name. I believe its:

How many republicans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

'Help is on the way. Its going to be ok. Why do you hate the lightbulb so much anyway?'

..although it could also be told 'why do you hate the darkness/light so much' . . . something like that.

A stupid joke, but I do think apt given Georgie-boy's history.

For Beakerspeaker, we could have a separate punchline: 'Help is on the way. Its going to be ok. Why do you hate the jews so much anyway?'

Warren said...

But Drew, you didn't answer my question! How many Democrats 'does' it take to change your diaper?

Come darkness,
Hold me in your sweet embrace
Wrap me in your flowing cloak
That others may not see
My tears

I hate the light, someone might see me crying for the deranged, like you. LOL!

BTW, Drew. My given name is Warren, not that I give a damn what you may think. I own the copyright to the above poem.

I don't care what your real name is as long as you consistently identify yourself.

"If" you are able to remember who you are today.

Anonymous said...

How many democrats does it take to screw in a light bulb? 100,000,000. First, they need to "elect" someone to screw it in for them. Then "only their man" will be allowed to screw it in. After he screws it in, they'll sue the previous light bulb manufacturer for selling them a defective bulb. Then they'll sue the power company for not giving them free power to run the bulb. Then they'll wait twenty years for government engineers to develop an environmentally friendly light bulb that doesn't use power from politically incorrect sources like coal and oil.


beakerkin said...


In your specific case is how many orderlies does it take to get me into a stait jacket. Did you take your medication ? Now seriously you must increase the venom. The official troll must not resort to cheap puchlines. That is reserved for lesser trolls.

Drew we expect more venom. FYI the mere use of ZOG by itself is anti semitic.

drummaster2001 said...

'Inject The Venom' is a kick ass song.