Monday, September 12, 2005

Beyond Iraq

I have had an excellent time reading Irsad Manjis the trouble with Islam. She repeats much of the same information we do here. She is brilliant ,witty and articulate but somewha of a dreamer. I will review her book shortly.

Manji and I see commerce as a way of making the world safer. Her problem is that Islam forbids micro loans. The basic problem is that the far left and the Jihadists have been conspiring to keep the cycle of violence and despair going.

The first part is that unemployed and under educated people living in areas with state run media are vulnerable to Jihadist exhortation. The far left thrives on chaos and suffering and sees it as vital in their war to advance Communism. They do not care about flood victims , Vietnamese or Palestinians except as an agent of Chaos. Thus they mittigate, rationalize and in some cases aid and abet terror.

Companies will not invest in unsafe areas thus the jihadist cause untold suffering.
Why should a country risk safety in Jordan if it can have a safer return in Belize.
Our goal should be to attract investment in Jordan a relatively stable country. The jobs would reduce fertilty and immigration.

At the same time we should foster new local media companies in the Islamic.

At some point the Saudi royal mafia family should be dealt with. Can anyone say big stick and Parisian exile beat getting caught in a spider hole. 3000 Princes is a lot of spider holes. The Hashemites have a valid claim to Saudi Arabia as the evil Saud family.

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Esther said...

I'm loving your book reviews, Beak. Thanks for them! This one sounds really interesting. I wonder when we will finally deal with Saudi Arabia?