Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Are far left types just self absorbed brats

I am reading Destructive Generation and story after story points to the conclusion that far left types are spoiled kids who should have been spanked. The stories of the Weatherman reveal the truth about the far left. In college our Professors would rail against Reagan's kids as self absorbed.

However most of who lived in the early seventies knew this was BS. The best of the generation went to serve in Vietnam while a band of self promoters collaberated with the enemy. The "movement " was nothing more then an ego trip and an excuse to have group sex and massive drugs. The far left Professor calling my generation self absorbed was projection. Rather then do drugs and be promiscuous we wanted good jobs and the American dream of homeownership. Yet we often walked into a workplace where we were treated as a comodity. There was no loyalty between worker and company and visa versa. With rare exceptions Unions were mostly political hacks.

Thus we hear far left types play Monday morning quarterback with Bush over Katrina.
The fact that my coworkers are there right now leaving friends and families to help the American family means zero to the far left. Facts are mere inconviences to the spoiled children of the far left cult of death and excuses.


Mr. Ducky said...

Gee, New Orleans flood victims are being given $2000 each and the right is complaining.

We're giving over $200,000 each to the Gaza claim jumepers.

Terribly screwed up priorities in this country.

B said...

Here is why people place most of the blame on Bush. 1) Prior to the hurricane touching down it was a declared national emergency bringing it under the control of FEMA. 2) FEMA was in control by political cronies, the top three officials having no emergency experience at all. The top official, Mike Brown (or Brownie according to Bush) was an estate planning attorney in CO before being on a commission judging Arabian Horses of which he was in the process of being fired before he joined FEMA. 3) Bush flat out lied when he said "Nobody expected the levies to be breached" when not only was FEMA briefed on that exact scenario but there are confirmed models being brought to the attention of top FEMA officials. 4) Due to the fact that Bush was re-elected on the platform of "if you vote for me you'll be safe but if you vote for the other guy, you will die," this was a total failure. If this was a WMD attack this shows how utterly unprepared we are. We had complete warning of this hurricane and the potential and likelihood of the levee breaching and yet thousands of people are dead because nobody could figure out who was in charge.

Lastly, nobody is playing the blame game, it is about accountability, a word that this administration and Bush sycophants know nothing about. And as far as the left being self absorbed brats, it is the right who are busy blaming the victim and patting each other on the back for doing a "heck of a job" while the left is busy donating to the red cross, volunteering their time and money, and ensuring that the victims have places to go.

beakerkin said...

Ducko thank you once again for proving my point about anti semitism on the far left. Israel has zero to do with this post but your anti semitic fixations consume you. Another subject and post may deal with how fake indigenous people have more right to land that Joooooos have been on 4000 years. Ethnic cleansing is good bird brain so long as Jooooos are cleansed.

Now on to B an intelligent liberal I sometimes agree with but always respect. The failue in NO goes straight to the local level. At any time Senators should have been lobying for Pork like the dynamic duo in MA an the overpriced and useless Big Dig.

New Orleans has never been well run and the City is general corrupt.Planning for diaster relief is a local matter and in a City below sea level it should have been a priority. It now turns out that the Red Cross offered to bring in water and food and was turned down before the levees broke.

FEMA did the best they could under the circumstances. The selection of Brown is cronyism but he was not the problem NO mismanagement was the problem. I do not blame the police cheif or the people on the ground. LA problems start with a lack of vision over generations. This is the problem in one party states.The party in power becomes corrupt and lazy.

My coworkers are on the Gulf coast helping out. I volunteered but my supervisor pointed to my training schedule and said No way Beaker. Thus I have to sit this one out but far left types could learn a thing from the sacrafices of my coworkers. We (there are even a few patriotic liberals) serve the American people and it is our duty to go where we are needed.

Anonymous said...


The left masters the "imitative" arts. The right masters the "productive" ones. One involves "looking" good. The other means "doing" good.

And as long as the imitators can steal from the productive because the "consumer" can't tell the difference and so choose to put the "imitators" in power... it'll be a hard row to hoe.

An educated "consumer" is our best defense. Keep on bloggin'.

ducky wants to give welfare queens, drug addicts, and gangsta's $200,000 for spending a week in the dome under their own supervision. In the conditions they themselves, with the "aid" of Mother Nature, created. If I go to Camp NO, will you give me $200,000 ducky. I promise to look pathetic and scream "Help me......."


B said...

With all due respect Beaks, but if this is the best FEMA can do, and I would be surprised to find anyone who thinks that way, then we are all in trouble. Again, what if this was an WMD attack? Do you think that the federal government is organized enough to minimize damage or death? I feel much worse now as do most Americans. I think that the party whose platform was vote for us or you may die showed that it was all lip service. We need capable qualified people in charge of these offices, especially FEMA. We don't need an Arabian horse judge attempting to learn a job while thousands of people are dying. We as Americans demand better.

Warren said...

B, what, exactly, do you think the purpose of FEMA is?

They are a co-ordination and management group that is required to work in concert with State and local authorities. FEMA, has about 2500 permanent employees, it is not a "massive" federal agency.

We have State and local authorities that have repeatedly dropped the ball then war against each other. Today, the Mayor of NO called for the mandatory evacuation of NO. The Governor of Louisiana said, 'no forced evacuation'. They are still pissing on each others tree!

You, as a liberal, trot out another political stalking horse!

B said...

Here is the purpose of FEMA

"In the event of a terrorist attack, natural disaster or other large-scale emergency, the Department of Homeland Security will assume primary responsibility on March 1st for ensuring that emergency response professionals are prepared for any situation. This will entail providing a coordinated, comprehensive federal response to any large-scale crisis and mounting a swift and effective recovery effort."

If my reading comprehension is correct it says PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY FOR NATURAL DISASTERS.

You, Warren, as a conservative, are living in a fantasy land where you choose politics over accountability.

Warren said...

Well B,
If your reading comprehension was worth a damn you might have noticed that your little C&P job says,
"Department of Homeland Security"

I think you have your shoes on the wrong feet!

So what is it, FEMA or DHS?

If you want to talk about accountability, lets talk about the Governor of LA and the Mayor of NO. Lets talk about all the money scammed for levee improvement that went to line the pockets of the good Democrat machine that's ran that state for 40 something years. Lets talk about LA officials refusing to allow the Red Cross to bring truck loads of water and food to the Superdome because the local officials didn't want attract more people. Lets talk about a mayor that refused to evacuate until it was too late, even after the President urged him to. Lets talk about all those busses that sat empty that were actually part of an evacuation plan.

Lets talk about criminal malfeasance and not your uninformed and uneducated opinion about whether it took the federal government too long to react. Its quite obvious that the President was urging an evacuation, and all you worthless liberals can do is whine and piss and moan about FEMA or DHS or anything to attempt to diminish the President.

You don't want accountability. You want political power! And while the Landrieu's are covering up their worthless criminal asses, you will still be ranting about the President.

Hell, b, as far as I'm concerned, you might as well trot out the race card the national guard forgeries the Bush Lied trope and anything else you can think of. At this point in time, I don't believe a damned thing you lot have to say and judging from the polls, neither does anyone else.

I see you got your horsey talking point in, though.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm making fun of your "Arabian horse judge" comment. You know "trot out" "stalking horse".

B said...

1) Last I checked FEMA was downgraded from a cabinet level position to one under the Department of Homeland Security, therefore that makes FEMA A PART OF DHS.

2) It was FEMA that wouldn't let the Red Cross in with food or water or when wallmart tried to truck in water. Your information is wrong.

3) As far as the local officials, you have the self described most conservative newspaper in the nation, the Union Leader with this editiorial quote..."Mayor Nagin's responses to this crisis, while flawed, have shown better leadership than both Gov. Blanco's and President Bush's."

4) All I want is accountability. It is your party that refuses accountability. Refused to set up the 9/11 commission until the public forced them too, refuses to set up a true independent bipartisan commission to see what went wrong here. Your side refuses all accountability and chooses politics over human life as shown by hurricane katrina.

5) If you think it's funny that people are dying and that the head of FEMA is so underqualified that he was about to be fired from judging horses then you are one of the sickest individuals I have could imagine. I cannot believe you are laughing at this mans underqualifications which directly led to people dying. That is NOT funny in my book.

6) As far as the polls, more evidence that you are living in fantasy land. Bush is at 40% approval rate and 67% of people think he could have sped up the aid process. This coming from, no haven for liberal thinking.

7) If you think that only criticism of FEMA is coming from the left it shows that you are nothing but a ideologue and a Bush sycophant who will follow whatever you are told. All you do is read the republican talking points without doing any independent thinking of your own.

Lastly Warren, it is people like you who are such an angry individual that democrats and liberals will never get along. I disagree with Beaks a lot on most things, but our discussions are always curteous. As for you, whatever happened in your past, let it go. If your wife left you, move on, If you had a rough childhood deal with it, we all did. I am truly sorry you are such an angry individual. Maybe one day you will be able to look in the mirror and be happy with yourself.

Anonymous said...

As Ken Starr once commented... "All I want is accountability".

B, the federal government is not your mommy. They are not responsible for tucking you into you bed at night and singing bedtime stories to you. If you are afraid that a monster will grab you from under the bed, please don't insist they post a 24 hour guard in everyone's bedroom. They just might find some disgusting things going on in there that will give the guards nightmares.


B said...


Thanks for that! I'll remember that one for next time.

Anonymous said...

Anytime B

I aim to please!


Warren said...

1. You didn't answer my question. Is it the fault of FEMA or the fault of DHS, or are 'you' just bomb throwing?

2. Not according to the Red Cross, but I guess they wouldn't know, huh.

3. Reality takes precedence over hype and I don't give a damn how some puff piece describes the Mayor in light of his observable actions.

4. Yes, yes, your lips are moving but all I hear is yada, yada, yada.

5. I don't think its a damned bit funny, but you, apparently, see it as another political opportunity.

6. I could care less about popularity polls, liberals govern by poll, conservatives don't. Liberals relentlessly attempt to manipulate public opinion through those polls. The only poll that matters is the one held on election day.

7. Please do show me where I said that! But you have no intention of correcting a problem only propagandising anything you can for political gain.

The Senate vote to confirm Brown was 99 to 1. The no vote was cast by Hillary Clinton. Gee wasn't Brown the prosecutor in the White Water fiasco? Payback time!

Lastly, b, people like you, a smarmy little self righteous prigs, can go piss up a rope!

You have no idea who I am or what I do and my feelings are mine. While you do whatever it is you do and hold hands with your delusional buds singing kumbyjah, I will be living and working in the real world as a productive individual. I actually help the poor, physically and financially, I have save peoples lives through my own actions while crybabies and cowards stood around with their thumbs in their ass hoping for someone else to come along to do the work.

I don't need a pack of whimpering little shits to validate my worth as a human being.

Mr. Ducky said...

The director of FEMA wasn't the problem...mismanagement was the problem. Want to try again Beak?

You write something that obtuse and we give you a do-over.

B said...

Looks like I hit a nerve Warren...maybe there was a hint of truth in my statements? Ummm which one was it...

In any case your anger is overwealming. Not only this one but every comment you ever write is overwealmed by anger which helps to show your self loathing. I would feel sorry for you but you live too far down the rabbit hole to even know anything is wrong. Maybe this can be your wake up call?

You calling me a self rightious (prig)??? Earth...this is kettle calling...I have you in sight...and your black! Learn to have a real debate and not to simply list Hannity's talking points and you may earn not only respect but maybe a friend or two which is probably something you've been striving for your whole life. Get a friend.

Warren said...

Hit a nerve?
No, when some little shit makes comments about my personal life, I usually get angry. Especially when I have been married 31 years and spend a huge amount of my time taking care of my disabled wife who is confined to an electric wheelchair.

But then I imagine a good liberal, like you, would send her off to a nursing home and let the government take care of her. That way you could worry about accountability unencumbered.

I sleep soundly at night, no phantoms haunt my dreams and like I said before, "I don't need a pack of whimpering little shits to validate my worth as a human being."

And yes, I'm calling you a self righteous prig. You are making assumptions about someone you know less than nothing about.

I suppose you're a psychic 'and' a psychologist.

Gee doc, do you want my credit card now? Would you write me a prescription for some of the psychotherapeutic drugs you've been taking?

My turn!
You're anal retentive.

I refuse to attempt debate with people that re-define terms to suit and validate their ideology.

Now excuse me while I go foam at the mouth.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Remember, gang. These people arguing that the federal government "shoulda" are the same people who fear libraries out of paranoia over the Patriot Act.

Is their ignorance really that surprising?

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