Saturday, September 03, 2005

Liberals living in TV Land

The rush of liberals to blame Bush for the catastrophe in NO is amazing. Do these idiots have a clue as to how long it takes to organize relief columns. My prior experience was in logistics and these dolts are clueless.

The administration did the best they could as did the local government. Pointing fingers is the lowest form of demogogery. The liberals claim the money for the levies went to Iraq but it is more likely it went to the Big Dig in Boston. Pork is a bipartisan problem.

These idiots must think the government can twitch its nose and manna falls from the heavens. Sorry that might work on Bewitched but it has nothing to do with reality. Brave men and women from various agencies including my own are going to help. Yours truly did volunteer but I doubt I will be selected.

Meanwhile those of us who work real jobs know that efforts take time. All of us should want to help the victims of this calamity. The fact that the left is playing partisan games with a national tragedy shows why we can not trust these types. They are self interested and seditious by nature. Even in the face of a calamity the partisanship does not stop.

The best illustration of this insanity is 167 who compares Bush to Hitler. 167 presumes to speak for the thinking world. A simple reading of his Folk Tale Fictitious Bigoted Commie, Anti Semitic blog shows he is clearly not a thinking member of the thinking world.

Once again helping the victims is secondary to the far left agenda of hate.


Drew said...

Why do I hate america so much?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I blame Bush. Before Katrina even made landfall, he KNEW Democrats were in charge of local and state disaster planning in New Orleans and Louisiana. And he didn't declare martial law before their own local cops began looting Wal-Mart.

Bush is to blame. He should know Democrats are incompetent, but he left them in charge for 48 hours anyway.

Warren said...

Drew said:
" Why do I hate america so much?"

Maybe its a chemical imbalance. Perhaps some prozac or electro shock therapy...

beakerkin said...

Drew the reason you hate America so much is you are a simpleton. Now try to increase the venom as you have a reputation to uphold and your efforts have been subpar.