Friday, September 23, 2005

Being a good friend

The list of permanent hires came out at work. I was not eligible but the silence was deafening. Unlike many of the others I rushed to congradulate two friends who have helped me learn the ropes. I was genuinely happy for them and I was kind to those who did not make it this time . My mentor who is a great guy also was promoted and will be departing soon.

Any sucsess that I have encountered was due to the help of wonderful patient coworkers. There is alot to learn and every day I learn something new. I hope the rest get the spots they wish for.

I wish more people would have been happier for their friends. Yet the natural disappointment and envy is understandable.


Anonymous said...

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samwich said...

Beaker, about Mai Lai. I was at Fort Benning when Lt Calley was tried. His sentence was drastically reduced and he was released after about three years in prison. Lt Calley was the scapegoat. Unfortuneatley I have been in fire fights where civilian casualties occurred. That is the biggest reason I didn't want to be a machine gunner. Spray and pray is indescriminate and a bullet has no mind of it's own. Once propelled down the bore, it continues on until it hits something.

What sort of volunteering are you volunteering for???

This fishing trip is pretty good, lots of hungry trout trying to fatten up for winter. Nothing to brag about size wise but plenty of bites.

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samwich said...

The afore mentioned stock pick site looks to me like a "Pump and Dump" advisory service.


Always On Watch said...

When I was a child, my parents taught me to congratulate those who receive recognition, especially if I didn't receive recognition. It's a matter of courtesy and of being bigger than an event, a promotion, or a reward.

Warren said...

I have always been glad for people whose accomplishments have earned them recognition or promotion and I will help anyone that asks me.

I take a special pride when someone I have helped does well. I have contributed to their accomplishments. I don't expect recognition, I do it because I want to help.

Esther said...

You are an awesome person, Beak. Your goodness shines through.

Anonymous said...

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