Sunday, September 18, 2005

BG Burketts Stolen Valor and little people

I have to admit from my earliest days as a youth of three I despised hippies. I spent my summers in Ferndale NY which was not far from the real Woodstock. My Uncles were real combat veterans and loathed the freaks. One of them was Julius who had been gassed in WWI by the Germans. He spoke of the horrors of the trenchs but down played his role. He always felt more fortunate then friends that did not make it home. This was a common thread among my uncles who had served in WWI, 2 and Korea.

I have been an anti Communist from the beging. My Grandfather who was a simple carpenter recalled Marxist partners who were the most cruel owners. Another Uncle who survived the Holocaust pointed out Communists were Nazis with great PR and delusions of godhood. My late grandmother a brilliant businesswoman had nothing but contemp for the lazy socialist/ Communist.

Thus when we hear comparisons of Iraq to Vietnam we are being sold a tale of lies. The media never did hold the Peace Movement accountable for its Communist leadership colaberation and series of lies.

Burkett investigates a seies of people purporting to be Vietnam Vets but in reality liars. We even have a Senator from Iowa who has lied several times about being a Vietnam Vet. The coincedence is that he along with John "Gomer " Kerry were the leaders of the Sandanista PR Machine.

Kerry falls into the next category as someone who embelished his record. He was there but his exploits have more in common with Gomer Pyle then Sgt York. Burket doccuments businessmen and Civil servants embellishing their war records.

Kerry also falls into another category collaberator and enemy propagandist. How long did he know his co founder of VVAW Al Hubbard was both a communist and a fake veteran who never set foot in Vietnam and got his disabilty check playing basketball in NJ. He was asked about Hubbard once in the Presidential run and never asked about his meetings with the Vietnamese in Paris while a member of the Naval Reserve. This is an act punishable by jail time. Nor was he asked about fake testimony at the infamous Winter Soldier Hearings.

Most of the people who lied or embelished their records were people who wanted to be something more then they were. The reality of most of us is that we are little people who lead non descript lives and there is no shame in that. There are several Vietnam Veterans who post here and all are my heroes even if they drove a truck or manned a type writer in the service.

The measure of a life is not the great moments or places we have been or the stories we tell. It is the time we spend with loved ones often doing drudge work like taking
your kids to the doctor. Listening to your niece whine about some boy who barely knows she is alive. The ordinary time we spend in Church with neighbors and community groups is also in many ways heroic and honorable.

An ordinary life is often more extraordinary then it seems. It is no crime to be ordinary and many ordinary people are realy extraordinary.


Anonymous said...

Some people measure their success by what other people think of them. Some people measure success by what they think of themselves. But only the people who actually know themselves can truly measure both themselves AND others. And most of these latter people are either little people (Derived, not quoted, from Sun Tzu's "Art of War) or REALLY GREAT people. (Different path to the same end, beak)


Mr. Ducky said...

Once again for the edification of Beaker:

Marx can be approached in two ways, as a political economist or as a revolutionary. As a political economist he is profound and Joseph Schumpeter, a great economist with a little more knowledge than your uncle felt Marx was the only one really worth refuting and Schumpeter had a lot of trouble refuting Marx's proof that capitalism is seriously structurally flawed and MUST lead to class conflict.
His solution to that problem was a mess but his importance as a political economist who presented problems which must be solved if we believe in justice, he is pivotal. Nothing you have ever written indicates that you respect justice, Beak.

Meanwhile, the fact that you have vicarious problems regarding soldiers, their fallibility and the fact that they are often chumped by a jingoistic public and prez like Johnson and Bush mere;y highlights your immaturity.

I hope you get the penis transplant you desire, but don't use he military in the meantime.

beakerkin said...

Lets see still defending the undefendable and now you are fixated on my penis.

Every other culture is wrong except the religion of submission, Oh we do not understand Marx 100 mil dead is an accident. Get a clue duncy

Anonymous said...

Yes mr. ducky,

Class conflict IS inevitable. The struggle for life on this planet and throughout the physical universe is also inevitable. You desire individual justice AND social justice (opposites). I'm afraid there's only one place you might find that, and that is in heaven. And heaven in a pure form (even Jesus had to take the body of man) will NEVER be found on earth. They too are opposites (pure vs impure/mixed).

Yet you and Marx think you can create a heaven on earth. That isn't why you are here. In 1776 America was given a form that came close. We lost that form in the 1860's. And we lost THAT form in the 1960's. And the second derivative is no better than the first. If you wish to restate the original equation, mr. ducky, tell us what it is. That way, we can calculate the first and second derivatives, and tell you where it will lead us.

But I can already tell you in which direction the second derivative lies. As they say, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions".


Mr. Ducky said...

Heaven on Earth? Don't put words in my mouth. That's a slick trick that the right likes to use when they decide to sit on their asses and give up.

The road to hell is paved with copies of Hayek and Friedman.

beakerkin said...

Duncy how many failures do you need
before you flush Marx. Stick with Chico Marx as Karl Marx theories have been proven disasters.

How many more well it wasn't implemented right do you need.

Anonymous said...

Heavenly? Some words from your mouth

"His (Marx's) solution to that problem was a mess but his importance as a political economist who presented problems which must be solved if we believe in justice, he is pivotal. "

What is justice mr ducky? Does it come from "heaven" or is it simply the rule of the strong? Define it and let us all judge whether I put words in your mouth or NOT. Perhaps you should define it as Marx did first, and then explain to us where you disagree.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Ducky says "class struggle" like its a bad thing.

Failures lose. Get over it.

Mr. Ducky said...

Justice Farmer....I think Rawls got a good handle on it. A reasoned individual free from Nietzsche's neuroses. I will say that "A Theory of Justice" leads me to a concern about Africa and a belief that we should concentrate efforts there.

Justice can also be found in the sermon on the mount, but America's phony Christians get scared shitless by that one.

Justice is not found by asswipe nation which thought they were tackling a serious threat by invading a country with no Army,Navy or Air Force and standing by an AWOL punk who promptly got us waxed. There is no justice there or in any conservative neocon babble...just the struggle. The struggle is eternal.

Warren said...

What struggle is that, Ducky?

The struggle for you to be taken seriously or the struggle you have keeping the drool off your chin?

Anonymous said...

"Heaven on Earth? Don't put words in my mouth. That's a slick trick that the right likes to use when they decide to sit on their asses and give up."

"Justice can also be found in the sermon on the mount"

And who gave THAT sermon mr. ducky? You contradict yourself, as usual.


Mr. Ducky said...

And how do I contradict myself, Farmer? I am a practicing Roman Catholic.

I admit that I have no brook with the false strains that claim to follow Christ's message but omit everything between Leviticus and Revelations.

I came to Catholocism through the Catholic Worker movement and pray for the beatification of our sister, Dorothy Day.

Can't say I have much patience with Nietzsche:

"The simple life of heros
the twisted lives of saints
They just confuse the sunny calendar
with their red and golden paint. Leonard Cohen said.

Anonymous said...

Nevermore, and nevermores, and nevermores divided, Sweet Lenore.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

"Compared to war all other forms of human endeavor shrink to insignificance." - St. Patton

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