Thursday, September 15, 2005

Wassup Duck a primer for those unfamiliar with the Wahabi Duck

I encountered the cartoon Ducky over at FPM where he was a board pest. He is generaly
obssessed with Jooooos , Republicans and rather odly a hero of mine the legendary Big Bubba.

His favorite game back then was comparing Joooos to Nazis . He glosses over 1300 years of Islamo colonialism. It took him three days to name the people who flew into the WTC. He also has problems recognizing the Jim Crow world the Muslims created in addition to slavery, ethnocide and Genocide.

Not content to be an Islamo appologist he also has a blind spot to the evils of the Progressives. He repeats agitprop and dismisses the numerous crimes of the left.

Big Bubba had a list of subjects the Duck has been proven ignorant in. At last count it was at least twenty subjects and climbing.

My problem with the Duck is he has managed to devolve into a lower life form. He has displayed no creativity in months. It is one thing to be a pest but show some creativity. It is the same old Dauphin and Chimperella routine and it is a bore.

GET FRESH MATERIAL ALLREADY. Being a troll is bearable but being a bore is a crime against bandwith.


Always On Watch said...

Oh, Beak! This is hilarious! I'm still laughing over "next intelligent thought will be his first."

beakerkin said...

I wonder if Big Bubba or Captain Neptune still have the list.

I remember History, Art , Military history were among the subjects .

Mr. Ducky said...

Well look at it this way Beak. A bunch of Saudi's pile into the WTC and what does Chimperella do? He sees to it that oil goes to over $60 so that they can replenish their treasury (Add iran to the list also), he pulls that dumb stunt in Iraq and now terrorists have plenty of financing, plenty of recruits and have developed advanced tactics in the Iraqi incubator......and dopes like you think the left is support terrorist elements.

Damn, you are dumb.

beakerkin said...

Doesn't work Duncy . We have had enough of the Jihad mayhem game. The days where immams and thugs can slaughter Americans with impunity are over, Hear that sound Duncy itsJihadists shiting in their pants because the days of lobing cruise missiles at asprin factories are over. Tell your friends in CAIR there is a real man in DC.