Friday, September 02, 2005

Home at last

I love being back in NYC with educated articulate neighbors. In fair their is a brilliant Enlishman in my building and my coworkers are great. I am in the Beakerkin library and planning to get a Staten Island Yankee game. I will leave as the Matt Drudge radio show comes on the air on Sunday.

I will see the Strand book store and my favorite haunts. I do not miss the losers in Union Square Park. My first clue I was home is when WABC radio was on my radio. The John Batchelor show was ny first sound of home.

I love hearing the accent and the energy . My first night was by my sister in NJ and I got lost in Paramus. The local police guided me towards the turn off on the last ten miles. I do not have the stamina to drive more then three hours without a rest.

I will have Jewish food for dinner. I will dine in an ethnic resturant probably the Kiev on Second Avenue before I go home. I will stop by Ground Zero and pray for those who lost their lives.

Sometimes one has to leave NYC to learn to love it.


Drew said...

As the war in Iraq became increasingly costly (with the help of Halliburton price gouging!), Bush moved to reduce expenditures at home.

New Orleans CityBusiness Magazine, 2/6/2004:
'The $750 million Lake Pontchartrain and Vicinity Hurricane Protection project is another major Corps project, which remains about 20% incomplete due to lack of funds, said Al Naomi, project manager. That project consists of building up levees and protection for pumping stations on the east bank of the Mississippi River in Orleans, St. Bernard, St. Charles and Jefferson parishes.

The Lake Pontchartrain project is slated to receive $3.9 million in the president's 2005 budget. Naomi said about $20 million is needed.

"The longer we wait without funding, the more we sink," he said. "I've got at least six levee construction contracts that need to be done to raise the levee protection back to where it should be (because of settling). Right now I owe my contractors about $5 million. And we're going to have to pay them interest."'

A typical response from a conservative might be that, well, the same would have occured under Clinton or Gore or Kerry or whomever. Its certasinly likely to have been a disaster of some degree, although the Bush administration has enacted inexcusable cuts to funding...

New Orleans CityBusiness Magazine, 2/7/2004:
'The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has identified millions of dollars in flood and hurricane protection projects in the New Orleans district.

Chances are, though, most projects will not be funded in the president's 2006 fiscal year budget to be released today.

In general, funding for construction has been on a downward trend for the past several years, said Marcia Demma, chief of the New Orleans Corps' programs management branch.

In 2001, the New Orleans district spent $147 million on construction projects. When fiscal year 2005 wraps up Sept. 30, the Corps expects to have spent $82 million, a 44.2 percent reduction from 2001 expenditures.'

beakerkin said...

What this has to do with the post is beyond me ?

Lets see Congress allocates thne budget. I guess the Big Dig in Boston was a higher priority with the Dems. Pork goes across the political spectrum. Keep on trolling .

Esther said...

I tend to delete comments that have nothing to do with the price of tea in China, so to speak.

Beak, I'm soooooo glad you're getting to spend time in NYC again! Wooohoooo!!!!!!! Eat a knish for me, okay?

craigy b said...

I am sure that home is a poorer place for your presence. Can’t you give them a break and piss off again?

beakerkin said...

Oh look who drops in the Toady. Lets see your master compares Bush to Hitler .

Let me tell you this the mental pathologies of 167 and yourself belong in a museum. He knows zero about the American people. Nor are they going to rise up in his odd fantasies.

Drew said...

Bush would look hot with a tight little mustache...

beakerkin said...

Drew you are more creative then than then that.

Drew said...

no, I think he'd be a looker with a mustache. I actually think he used to have one . . . He has a mustache face. Cheney, no. Laura? Probably not.

beakerkin said...


You have standards of excellence as the official troll of this blog . This is fairly lame second rate material.

Try something with more originality and venom.

Jason_Pappas said...

I haven't eaten in the Kiev in a long time - or the Second Ave Deli up the avenue (but we've ordered lunch from them a few times.) There used to be a hidden restaurant in the Ukrainian National Home on 2nd Ave between St. Marks & 9th Street (down the block from Veselka). I wonder if it is still there. I remember, in the 70s, how the Ukrainian National Home used to have a sign to remember the millions that Stalin killed in the 1932-3 man-made famine. My leftist friends thought they were making that up.

Speaking of food, how about the Indian restaurants on 6th Street or Gaylord's on 1st Ave? It's been a long time since I've been to the East Village. It must be a changed place.

Which do you prefer: 2nd Ave Deli, Katz', Fine and Schapiro, Carnigie Deli, Ben's?

Sorry, to temp you but since your back, you might as well put on a few pounds!

beakerkin said...

Actualy I like Ben,s on 38 street and there is an even better Italian cafeteria style resturant Veronicas. Veronicas is my all time favorite but I was too tired to run into the city on Friday.