Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Interesting slip of the tounge.

Ducky who I do not loathe even though he is a Marxist anti semitic stooge called it your America in a post. Heis right you know as Marxist are deeply alienated from a country that most of us love. Ronald Reagan said scratch a Commie and you will smell fear. Step into the light and you too can be free. Alas I know that the Duck or 167 etc can not put away their Marxist religion based on lies and fiction. The irony is that they rationalize that their love of Marx is superior to our patriotism and religious faith. The Marxist see faith as primitive but they impose far greater leaps of logic when they try to play God and redifine man.

This is my country and I love each and every day. My grandparents kissed the shores as they left the hatred and uncivilized Europe. They held no nostalgia for Europe but they took pride in their adopted country and took the oath of citizenship with pride. Theirs is one of many stories of legal immigrants longing to improve their lives and make something better.

I love my country and serve it with pride each morning. Warren, Mustang, Samwich, Justin and Big Bubba have also served and love this country though our positions may vary. Always on the Watch, Esther, Mr Beamish and the others also show their love of country in their exemplar blogs. Patriotic liberals like our friend B love the country as well though we often have differing visions.

No the Ducks slip of his beak reveals an axiom of this blog. Comrade Karl and Johny Jihad are outside our family and are part of an alien creed. Who needs utopia when I have this reality ? Be greatful for what you have as there are many who yearn to fill your shoes in bondage across the world.

Cuba Libre Mr Beamish in 08


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I think I forgot to turn off my mind control laser that is focused on Mr. Ducky and transmitting "If you post on
that thread
, they win" into his corpus collosum.

Marxism is dead. Viva Beamishism.

beakerkin said...


You might improve your lot by embracing your inner Beamish. Step away from the Marxist cult of insanity and join the Beamish fan club.

While you are at it lay off the tofu and eat some more dead animals.

Always On Watch said...

Intereting that Duck never accepted Beamish's invitation.

Mr. Ducky said...

AOW, just what was Beamish's "invitation"? Looking at the photo of him on his site I hve to wonder if he has to wear that helmet when he rides the short bus but just what was his "invitation".

I find him obnoxious and in possession of the artistic sensibilities of the hoi-polloi but his 75 I.Q. can find me easily.

Esther said...

Oh my. :) Nice post, Beak. Well said.

Beamishism rules!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

One Party! One Afterset! One Hangover!

Beamish in '08.

Warren said...

'Come on out in the open, Duck. Argue your case, defend your position. I've even made a whole post for you to strut your stuff.'

'Me no argue wit Mr Beamish, him no understand dialectic maternalism. Him stupid, not smert like duc wit delicate rtistic sensibilities! Besides, him not ask, pretty please.'

Is Ducky,

A. chickensquat

B. ducksquat

beakerkin said...


Mr Beamish is your worst nightmare a conservative who understands markets and has a great sense of humor. Toss out the wasteful absurd Marx books. Embrace your inner Beamish and join the movement.

For the record Beamish is a genius

Beamish in 08

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


You've got some Ducky cleanup duty to attend to on my blog at the thread linked above.