Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Kurdistan and Assyria.

I have long been an advocate of the rights of both of trhese people to homelands. The fact that they despise each other and the Assyrians have plenty of reason to despise the Kurds doesn't change my view.

The standard Leftist tripe about fake indigenous people stands and exposes their hypocrisy at the plight of genuine ones. Let the Kurdistan rise in Iraq and start the fight in the Syrian, Turkish and Iranian areas. Unlike the psuedostinians the Kurds have their own language and culture dating back 3000 years. The buffoons in England and France sold out the Kurds and Assyrians and divided them after WWI.

The Turks lost all right to a say in how Iraq is governed by their obstructionism in the initial phases of the war.


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Anonymous said...

If the new Iraqi Constitution doesn't come off, the parties mentioned just might get an opportunity to make the attempt. But if they do, and they try and liberate Turkish Kurds, I'd say all bets are off and they'll end up with nothing. The Turks would swat them like a big ugly housefly.

The Turks may have nothing to say presently about an Iraqi Kurdistan. But if the borders get "hot", they'll have ALL the say.

And if the Americans have to choose sides, you can bet they'll go with a NATO partner.


Always On Watch said...

The rest of the Islamic world condemns Turkey as apostate because they view Turkey as having abrogated the ideal of the caliphate.

Mr. Ducky said...

Good 'ol Beak, a lousy student of geopolitics and a friend to everyone but the Palestinians.

Good 'ol AOW doesn't know a wahabi from a sufi from an indonesian from a north african sunni. But she still keeps the mouth flapping.

beakerkin said...


There are and have never been any Palestinians. Read that zionist propoganda known as the PLO charter. Do the words Palestinian Arabs and Arab unity mean anything to you ? I forgot Ducks can't read
who trained you to type.

Always on the Watch knows way more then you do. Have you read Spenser , Bat Yeor, Warraq , Isaac
(Assyrian in case you revert to anti semitism) or Naipul. Have you read Manji ?

Stick with Marxist fiction and even a dimwit like yourself knows placating totalitarians leads to war. It is time the rest of the world tells the Islamonazis enough.

Mr. Ducky said...

Yeah, Beak keep it up. You lecturing about erudition is like Giuliani lecturing about the Catholic doctrine on divorce.

Always On Watch said...

I missed your snippy little comment until just now. You presume too much.

Always On Watch said...

Yes, I've read some from all you mentioned. And I'm still reading, sometimes rereading for a deeper understanding--often with highlighter in hand if the copy is my own.

Have you read The Myth of Islamic Tolerance? (I hope that I have that title correct) I've skimmed it, and it appears interesting. It's the next on my list.

My mother used to tell me, "Your eyes are going to go bad. You've always got your nose in a book." Now she would amend that to "...You're always sitting in front of the computer." Hehehe.

I appreciate your "vote of confidence."

Mr. Ducky said...

AOW, have you read A. Bigot's latest book "Muslims Suck"? I'm sure you would enjoy it.

What is it with you folks swapping all this self indulgent hate lit.? Gee, have you read B. A. Stooge's latest expose of the ACLU - al-Zarqawi connection?

Do you ever read anything in the mainstream? Anything that questions you pre-digested point of view?

Actually AOW, I probably give you too much credit.

beakerkin said...


Is a stooge another one of your pen names.

Get used to saying President Rudy. In no description does he come off like a sexual predator like Bill " Blue Stained Dress" Clinton.

Ducky sing us Blue Stained Dress.Or my member points to the left. Hypocrisy is your element Duck.

Always On Watch said...

Do you ever read anything in the mainstream? Anything that questions you pre-digested point of view?
Time, Newsweek, Washington Post--on weekly or daily basis, depending on the publication. In fact, I don't subscribe or much read any "conservative" publications.

Books other than conservatives ones? Sure. After all, I received a university education at a state university. Furthermore, I don't subscribe to the Conservative Book Club.

And, as time allows, I visit leftist blogs, but I don't go there to insult those whose opinions differ from mine--rather, to observe and to consider the merits of others' ideas. I very rarely post a comment as I don't thrive on picking fights.

You're the one with a closed mind, Duck. Get over yourself.

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Anonymous said...

If Kurds rise in Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Syria what will we as Assyrians have? Remember, the Assyrian homeland overlaps so called "Kurdistan" except our we've been living in our homeland for over 6000 years.

beakerkin said...

I am an advocate for an Assyrian State in addition to Kurdistan. There is no reason an Assyrian can not be carved out of a new Kurdish State.