Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bodansky's Secret History of the Iraq War

Bodansky's book is riveting and a direct response to the cool aid drinkers of both the left and right. Saddam and terrorists were tied at the hip and the WMD were moved to Syria . However US intelligence blundered in every single assesment. Unlike Bodansky I do not see the war as a permanent debacle . If and when we can get an Iraqi army in the field we can go home. The other option is to divide Iraq into three or more governable states. Why the Bush administration stopped a Russian coup that would have ousted and killed Saddam is unknown but stupid if true.

The CIA has been under attack for the longest time. The dumbocrats have chosen to cater to seditious far left Chomsky types rather then look out for the American people. The ultimate betrayal of the people was by Robert Toreceli who was trying to impress his Communist girlfriend Bianca Jagger. Torecceli thinking with the wrong head passed legislation that made it next to impossible to recruit human intelligence
unless they were boyscouts.

The hiring practices of the CIA and the State Department must also come under scrutiny. When a far left Commie anti semite is allowed to remain on the job and influence government policy it is time for a change. The fact that a person like Ray McGovern was allowed to work in the CIA means it is time for reform. The fact that the agency was misrun and abused in eightg years of the Clinton era is also a problem.

The answer is that there should be an immediate purge of all far left types at the State Department. The current practice of hiring people with Social Science degress
from elite universities is a failure. A person with eight years of Marxist brainwashing is not likely to have the faculties for the job. The American people would be better served by the placement of people with business degrees and experience in the corporate world. The cloak and dagger of major corporations is a better training ground then reading Chomsky in a class led by a Woodstock refugee.

I am returning to NYC so I will not get to post until tommorow. I am only in for a long weekend.

Will someone get the insurance on that deer ?


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Mr. Ducky said...

I must insist on intellectual honesty, beak. You mention "WMD". Now WMD is just a phrase used to get paranoid butt clowns frightened so that they do the will of the leader and behave like good Nazis (only this time we kill Arabs, right Beak).

What non-conventional weapons are you refering to and when have they been used for "mass destruction". Don't give me the shit about the Kurdish village because that could have been accomplished with a conventional bombing raid.

Don't give me any bullshit about anthrax. It was tried on a large scale by white pigs in Rhodesia and led to only a few thousand deaths. Hardly "mass destruction".

What about his biological mobile labs of death. You're dumb enough to believe that one.

What about Libya? Their vaunted weapons program turned up nothing except some mustard gas rounds on a turkey farm. In other words this whole non-conventional weapons crap is the pure stinky cheese.

How was Hussein going to deliver the product of his mobile labs of death? He had no artillery. No missiles.

The Cato Institute ran a number of excellent articles on the so called "wmd" and demonstrated that they are no such things. Nothing but a bogey man to keep the little schmucks scared. Now if you think the Cato Institute is a commie front, let's hear it.

Meanwhile say hi to Warren, Mayor McCheese and the other inhabitants of your little Bizarro world. Damn, you are stupid.

Warren said...

Well, well, Nostradumbass returns.

1. Weapons of mass destruction, by defination are; nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons.

2. Are you such a stupid, ideological dimwit, that you actually believe that those mobile labs were intended to produce hydrogen gas for weather baloons when a whole weeks worth of hydrogen could be compressed into a tank that would set on the back of a jeep and could be purchased for pennies on the dollar compared to what it would cost to produce in one of those mobile labs?

Never mind, rhetorical question. Its self evident how stupid you are, besides being a sneak thief.

BTW, after the vote of last week in Iraq, do you have any more predictions?

Whole volumes could be wrttin about your ignorance. In fact they are! They are called books, any book will do.

B said...

Hey Beaks,

Remember when you said FEMA worked perfectly? Well, here is what the Chertoff had to say about FEMA...

The Federal Emergency Management Agency's lack of planning, not the failures of state and local officials, was to blame for much of what went wrong with the government's response to Hurricane Katrina, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told member of Congress today.

The assessment by the most senior administration official to answer legislators' questions since the hurricane struck in late August contrasted sharply with testimony offered earlier by former FEMA Director Michael Brown. Brown had blamed the "dysfunction" of Louisiana state and local officials for the problems that hobbled the relief effort.

"From my own experience, I don't endorse those views," Chertoff said.

He told lawmakers that he found the governors and mayors of the region to be responsive as the crisis unfolded."

What say you know?

Mr. Ducky said...

Warren, were you out in the schoolyard getting high when class was told that Saddam's "Mobile Labs of Death" were sold to him by the British?

I bet you so damn stupid you don't even know that the mass graves were dug when Iraq was an American client state.

What about the elections? The insurgency still doesn't stop until we leave and the issue of Kirkuk hasn't been adressed. There is still a danger of a full scale civil war if we don't get out and stop fucking up the country.

Damn, you are stupid.

beakerkin said...


Fema worked fine and the residents of Louisiana do not agree with you.
My coworkers returned a week ago and that was not the experirce they had.

FEMA was fine and did a reasonable job under trying circumstaces.

Ducky intellectual honesty from a Mrxist is a joke. Saddam used WMD and that is a minor point. Saddam was tied into several terror groups
including Al Queda. Ansar al Islam was there and Abu Abbas was there as well.

However you can go mourning Saddam the rest of us don't.

B said...


If you are going to disagree with the head of the DHS, then I have some land in Florida that I'd like to sell you. Honestly Beaks, what does it take to prove something to you. Here is ultimate proof, from the head of DHS saying that FEMA failed, and yet, you know better then Chertoff. This shows me that you have NO idea what you are talking about.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


How many WMDs did Clinton destroy when he ordered Iraq bombed?

Warren said...

Nostradumbass said:
Warren, were you out in the schoolyard getting high when class was told that Saddam's "Mobile Labs of Death" were sold to him by the British?

And this makes a difference for what reason?

Lets talk about security and strategic and tactical intelligence. (And what a ignorant asshole you are).

rule # 1:
When dealing with a self avowed enemy, capability equals intent.

It doesn't matter whether or not he used them for CBR capabilities, the capability existed and they were far too expensive to use for a process that could readily be done with far less logistical problems and at a fraction of the cost.

He was stockpiling the chemical precursors for the manufacture of chemical weapons far in excess of the amount that would ever be needed for legitimate purposes.

They had plenty of artillery and mortars and it had been known by the weapons inspectors that large quantities of shells had been produced for them. Although they were supposed to be destroyed, they had never been accounted for.

Now some other information for that febrile little prune like mind, you've wasted away with drugs.

I'm an expert in military munitions, from small arms ammo to tactical nuclear weapons. It was part of my job as a soldier.

Sgt Chief of Section, fire direction control, 3rd of 6th regimental artillery, 8th of the 6th and 6th of the 8th, artillery. Division Artillery 1st Infantry Division, (Big Red One). My job was to know everything that could be fired through a cannon tube and how to do it. That required an extensive knowledge of Chemical, Biological and Radiological weapons and how to use and protect yourself from them.

Chemical weapons do not even require anything more complicated than a prevailing wind and some cylinders of compressed chemical agents.

In fact the Germans used this method on 22-Apr-1915 at the village of Langemarck near Ypres. The Germans released a 5 mile wide cloud of chlorine gas from 520 cylinders (168 tons of the chemical). It caused a couple of thousand immediate deaths and 13,000 gas-related casualties.

Sadam was actually importing, (until it was restricted), and stockpiling chlorine gas, suposedly for water purification. But the Iraqis were already manifacturing more than enough for their own use.

You have no idea when those mass graves were dug and it doesn't matter 'when' they were dug. Before they were found, you would have said that, the mass graves were an unprovable myth.

"What about the elections?"

Why, Nostradumbass the ignorant, (you), predicted there wouldn't be a constitution, let alone a ballot.

"There is still a danger of a full scale civil war if we don't get out and stop fucking up the country."

Yes, and there is a statistical possibility that all the oxygen molecules on earth will clump up in Antarctica and we will all die of asphyxiation.

If brain cells were pure weapons grade plutonium, you wouldn't have enough to blow your nose!

beakerkin said...


The media culture thrives on apology culture. Janet Reno became a hero when she took credit for the Waco debacle.

Fema responds to disasters but the initial response is a local matter.
The police and rescue crews failed in every version. The head of DHS also did not blame the local responders. His response showed more class then accuracy.

My coworkers were in NO and interacted with the general public.
The general public does not agree with the media hysteria. Most of the screaming far left voices did not reflect the people of New Orleans.

Mr. Ducky said...

Nice of you to check in Warren. Yes the Brits sold Hussein the labs and knew exactly their purpose and capabilities threat. You however bought everything Colon Blow Powell was pushing in front of the U.N. Lies all.

Gee, he stockpiled chlorine gas...what was he going to do with it...invade Saudi Arabia? Now that would have been a problem since he would have accepted Euros in oil payment (the real cause of the current conflict, he started accepting Euros for Iraqi oil).

Did Saddam Hussein represent any military threat to the U.S. No, but Iraq did represent a threat to The Awol Dauphin wh couldn't plan the fucking occupation and got us waxed.

What biological capabilities did he have? When have biologicals ever been effectively used? They haven't.

What was the casualty rate due to use of mustard gas in the Iran-Iraq war? It wasn't high, even among poorly equipped troops executing frontal suicide attacks.

Hussein had lost every military engagement he had ever undertaken. The clown was just trying to hang on to power and that was slipping. Just another thug and we will replace him with just another thug. Incredible waste.

Capability = intent.
No army, no navy, no air force, no armor, no artillery = No capability.

Come on back with a few more talking points. maybe you can resurrect the story of the centrifuge buried under the rosebush that indicated he had a nuclear program...or better yet start up the idiocy that he was 2 months away from a bomb when Gulf I started. Yeah, he was two months away so he decided he couldn't wait to pick a fight with the West.

Reason isn't your strong point, is it Warren?

B said...


I am now convinced that you consistantly pick and choose the facts that you want while ignoring those that don't. It has become extremely apparent that you cannot take an impartial view of things. It is not a credible way of debating.

Warren said...

Nostradumbass whimpered:

"Reason isn't your strong point, is it Warren?

Would you care to hold a poll on my reasoning abilities compared to yours? You wouldn't know reason if it bit you in the ass.

I think you are overdue for your electro convulsive therapy!

Mr. Ducky said...

Yes, let's hold a poll, warren. Have the rest of the Hitler youth check in.

beakerkin said...


If we are holding a poll of the Hitler youth that would leave you and 167 and company.


I read the DHS internal memos and ICE reports daily. I wish they were made available to the general public but they aren't.

I also spoke with people that returned from NO. Most of the problems stemmed from the initial response and that is a local matter. Moreover, the locals in the words of my coworkers who spent weeks there and communicated daily do not match the press acounts. Given the choice between Chris " Spitball " Mathews or the lady five cubicles away I choose my coworker who is a NYC liberal.
The locals blamed the Mayor and the Govenor.

We also reported the rumors of demolition of the levees in this blog long before the mainsteam press. The media culture thrives on appologies . This does not mean they are waranted.

The fault lies entirely with the Govenor, the mayor and the Chief of Police.

B said...


You have no credibility on this issue. Is the earth still flat in your mind? You are just wrong. All of the facts prove you 100% wrong. Whether you believe it or not is your problem. This is very, very telling about you.

beakerkin said...


You do not read the departmental memos . Nor did you debrief coworkers who were there. I tend to have more faith in Suzy from a few cubes over then big media. I spoke to people who returned from there. We were in daily conact with our coworkers on site. I see zero fault with DHS.

The blame lays entirely on local officials. The fact that someone takes the blame does not make it so. If you want to blame people start with the Govenor and Mayor.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Capability = intent

Iraq was capable of subverting UN sanctions and supplying tons of chemical weapons to terrorists, as it did in Zarqawi's Baghdad-based Al Qaeda cell's attempted chemical bombing in Amman, Jordan in October, 2002.

The poll may be unfair. According to Beamish's Hypothesis, leftists are incapable of rational thought. Hence, Ducky has no intellect to bring to the table in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Hey, excellent website. A great Iraq resource is Deaths in Iraq. It breaks all of the casualties down by age, race, branch of the military, country, etc.