Monday, October 17, 2005

Americas friend

I am finishing Bodansky's the Secret Iraq War. Bodansky is no fan of Bush or the far left phonies.

America was having problems in Iraq with mounting casualties and limited effectiveness. The Americans did send some officers for training in Israeli methods and the results were a more effective Army on the battlefield. The war on terror sadly has an three enemies.

Enemy number one is the cowardly Jihadist who thinks of himself a Superman. This Superman needs to hide behind civilians and create colateral damage. No attrocity commited by the cowardly Jihadist is ever treated seriously. Beheading Mark Berg got one days press but Jihadist made to play naked twister got several months of headlines.

Enemy number two is the far left. The far left is in hypocritical mode and every action taken by the US or Israel is under a microscope. A hurricane hits the USA must be the result of evil GOP plot to kill black people. It turns out the incompetence was local and the stories of 30,000 dead were media hype. A competent Mayor and Govenor could have handled the situation better.

Enemy number three is apathy. Some well intentioned people forget the enemy we face wants to kill all of us. They do not care if you are liberal, black or white. However Joooos and Gays go to the front of the line for death.

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