Monday, October 24, 2005

Note to B real Communism

Mark Elf and the Recidooofus 167 are genuine Communist anti Semites. They regularly play word games with Jooooooo and Zionist. Both are quite fond of Norman ( He calls himself a Green but he is Red) Finklestein whose works were compared to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

As for Communism both dumbasses pushed movements to bar Zionist from speaking on Campuses. The Recidooofus has defended and mitigated the crimes of the Communists. He has even stated the standard lie that " Real Communism was never attempted" in debates with myself , Jason Papas and JB of Citzcom. Elf is a contributor to the infamous Blog known as Lennins Tomb. His entire blog is consistent with lies, treason
of known Communist groups in NYC. Posts like " Israel's Dr Mengele and lies that Joooos were ethnically cleansed or oppressed in Arab lands are his staple.

The far left Communists in the USA and worldwide have a history of lying and denying their identity. The same Communists have a lengthy history of treason in the USA and elsewhere. The 100,000,000 dead is a low end figure and you should take a closer look
at some of the people who claim to be liberals.

Now as far as your statements about the Plame matter. As Beamish pointed out Congress
investigated and a bipartisan commision concluded he lied. He was a Kerry operative who attempted to damage the administration. He lied about his wifes role (nepotism)
in his appointmentto the job. He was on local Radio John Batchelor and was questioned by author JOhn LOftus and said " I didn't know about ten times. " Plame has not been a covert agent in years. Her appointment of a partisan hack ( Kerry operative) and nepotism in the appointment of her husband should have got her terminated. Treason in the Plame matter if every detail you said were true is a reach.The fact is none of the details as you represented were true.

A general rule is for treason turn to your left.


B said...


First off you are just wrong about ALL of your facts regarding Wilson.

just read The Senate Intelligence Committee Report on the U.S. Intelligence Community's PreWar Intelligence Assessments on Iraq (July 2004), pages 43-47. However, you'll have to read carefully because the Republican staff who wrote this report tried their best to obfuscate and confuse the matter. These are the clear facts:

1. Prior to Joe Wilson's trip to Niger, most of the U.S. intelligence community (the CIA and State Department's INR) did not believe Iraq was trying to buy uraniusm from Niger. The intelligence community had received two intelligence reports from the same source (the Italian intelligence service)in the previous six months and did not find them credible.

2. Joe Wilson and the U.S. Ambassador to Niger both told the Senate investigators that they each concluded separately that there was nothing to the story that Iraq was trying to buy uranium, or could even do so, because of the local controls in place. (See p. 42 of the Senate report).

3. Joe Wilson returned from his Niger trip in March of 2002 and was debriefed by CIA officers on March 5. They in turn produced an intelligence report based on Ambassador Wilson's trip. He was not provided a chance to review or approve the report. The CIA's Directorate of Operations gave the report based on the Ambassador's debriefing a grade of good.

4. According to the Senate report, the results of Joe Wilson's trip to Niger were not shared with the Vice President because it did not provide any new information to clarify the issue.

In other words, the intelligence community discounted the notion that Iraq was trying to buy uranium from Niger. They continued to hold this position even in the now discredited October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate. Moreover, even though the British Government provided a "white paper" that seemed to bolster the claim that Iraq was trying to buy uranium in Africa, the intelligence analysts also dismissed the British paper as not credible. Senior CIA officials repeatedly briefed U.S. policymakers and legislators that there was no substance to the reports claiming that Iraq was up to no good in Africa.

As far as your communist rants...I could say the exact same things about fascism and the right or religious fundamentalism on the right, which is MUCH more dangerous to our way of life than communism. It is people like McCarthy, who nobody in their right mind thinks was correct, who goes on modern day which hunts and destroyed careers and reputations over his crazy ideology.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

And yet, the whole Wilson meme rests on the idea that Bush's "16 words" were incorrect.


1.) The British government does report that Iraq sought yellow cake uranium in Africa

2.) Africa's a whole hell of a lot bigger than just Niger, despite the name of that country being close to the racial perjorative leftists love most being what leftists think when someone says "Africa."

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Oh, and B,

Fascism is leftism.

Get a clue already.