Monday, October 31, 2005

Age of Ignorance

Those of you who are new to the blog are wondering about this title. It could pertain to 167 and Ducky's natural state but not for this post.

VS Naipul is a brilliant author who is a true craftsman. He doesn't machine gun his readers with facts or jokes in odd places. He has a great fluid style but the best style still belongs to Monica Crowley. Reading a book should never feel like a chore
and Naipul's style is a plus except when he ventures into art and botany. I am versed in both areas so it was no problem for me.

Naipul gently describes Islamo colonialism erasing traditions among converted people.
I am struck by the animaslistic rage Javans whiped themselves into all because a poet signed an article AG meaning he is a Christian. This matches the idiocay of the far left who also get their pants tied in a knot over anything from non Commie front groups claiming to be Christian.

I do not need a Marxist using my history (joooish )to indict Christianity. Holocaust survivors were a part of my daily life and none of the hundreds I knew ever said a word about Christianity. However I can and do talk with Russian Emigres who will tell you the most venal anti semites are Marxists.

The rationale of Islam is simple anything that came before Islam belongs to the age of ignorance and must be erased. Thus when Arafat dennied to Clintooon that the Temple ever existed in Jerusalem he was repeating standard Islamic practice of trashing history for his own ends , Communists also play this game by creating non people and events.

The rationale of Islam is that everyone is born Muslim and that only by submitting to the truth is your life worthy. Excuse us Abdul Americans are people of backbone
unlike Euroleftists we do not yield to intimidation. Yet te Euroleft remains silent over the Progressive answer to Islam. The Progressive put the troublesome Muslims onto cattle cars and sent them ( Poles , Balts were also sent) to die in a frozen wasteland.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Everyone is born Muslim. Most people grow up.

Always On Watch said...


Cubed © said...

re: "everyone is born Muslim"--that claim is used by some Muslim organizations who make up "teaching guides" about Islam for teachers in our schools as a means to sneak in the "confession of faith." This is used as part of the role playing exercises, and after the prayer, they claim that the children have converted--excuse me, "reverted."

Ask any Muslim, and he will vigorously deny that you can convert to Islam unwillingly. On the other hand, it happens in practice, and not always under threat, as so often happens; read (for example) the story of the Malaysian Hindu father who converted to Islam willingly, then taught his children (both under four, I think) the "confession of faith," which they then recited, after which they were considered by one and almost all (the Hindu mother disagreed) to be Muslims.

Oh, well.

Esther said...

Very intersting stuff, Beak!

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