Saturday, October 22, 2005

Time to end the sloth on campus

Liberals like to whine about the importance of higher education yet they do zero to make it affordable. The current system of sloth and wasteful social science research
is pricing college out of affordability.

Let us end the pretense that Social science has value. Most of these articles are in irrelevant journals that less then one hundred eggheads read. Society gets zero value or benefit from Chomsky or Norman Finkelstein latest stupidity. Most of these programs are jobs programs for Bolsheviks.

Require all professors in the social sciences teach a minimum of six classes or three hundred students. The evaluation of educators should be entirely on the ability to educate.

The current 64 credit liberal arts ciriculm should be cut to 39 with the balance remaining in business classes. When the college graduates leave and apply for a job they can have a clue. Marketing 1001 is more relevant to graduates then Marxist diatribes about mating rituals of some obscure group living in the rainforrest.

Accademia is out of touch with the American people. It is time that it be held up like any other business. If their costs are out of control no more student loans.


Levi9909 said...

Mr Beak - I noticed on another blog that you refer to me (Mark Elf) as a communist and you say that my favourite author is Israel Shamir. Even a casual reading of my blog would show that I cannot stand Israel Shamir. I believe Shamir to be a fascist and therefore a subscriber to the same family of ideas to which zionism belongs. I think you have either confused Shamir with Israel Shahak or you have made the allegation up from scratch. And I don't know where you got the notion that I am a communist. Regarding whether I am Jewish or not, Jewishness is defined by either religious belief or by descent, not by ones willingness to lie for racist war criminals.

If you're relying on the rantings of a Miami based zionist who runs with names like Ibrahim and "A real Jew" then you're bound to confuse yourself. Try reading the blog for yourself and don't just follow what you see as tribal loyalties or where you think the power lies (in more ways than one). Develop a critical faculty for yourself. Jews have been famous for that in the past and some are now.

beakerkin said...

Excuse Me Elf.

I do read your fairy tale based blog and you certainly are a Communist and not a Jew in any description. As far as tribal loyalties comrade try loosing the death cult BS. Lets see good Jooos like Rosenberg who gave the A Bomb to Stalin as he was preparing to send our bretheren to the Gulag.

Post like Israel's Dr Mengele are real eyeop[eners. Then there are your fairy tales about Jooooos not being ethnicaly cleansed from Arab lands. Funny, I see their paperwork
daily and speak with Yemenites, Syrians, Iraqis and Egyptian Jooooos who say you are full of shit.

Then there is your obsession with fake indigenous people Pseudostinians. There is no such thing as a Pseudostinian . Read that famous Zionist Source the PLO Charter terms Arab unity Palestinian Arab are all over the place.

Arabs are not indigenous to Israel
and a range of other real estate. They have practiced Islamo colonialismm for 1300 years and placed a series of Jim Crow laws on a wide variety of people and those were the lucky ones. The others were made slaves or exterminated. You can read these accounts on line if you like Zoroastrian, Hindoooooo, Bhoooooodist, Jooooooo, Asssssyrian, Yezidi, Coptttttic, Maronite are just a partial list there.

No Jooooooos preceded the Islamic invasions and Arabs allready have 22 JUdenrein states.Muslims are ethnicaly cleansing Egypt, Syria , Pakistan and Bangladesh where Christians are fleeing for their lives Comrade. Do not try an gloss that over because my coworkers and I see the paper daily.

Your fact free censored fairy tale blog provides cover for Antisemites
who play word game with Jooooooo and Zionist. Most familiar was your deranged ( Communist) accolyte
follower who loves to talk about Neocon conspiracies and play Holocaust minimization games. Mark the Recididoofus is the stupidest person on the web. Lets see JOOOOS stole the Holocaust and POpe John Paul killed millions but he failed to name one. He did turn on you over the Taschell matter. You weren't progay enough so for all your Commie crapola your goooood joooooo routine you became expendible. He also loves to post Simon Jones who is slightly stupider then you. "Joooos created pollution and Gays are the chosen people and the protocols of the Elders of Zion refer to Neocons. Oh another thing oh deranged one that great Conservative denounced your Neocon theory and talk that Israel had anything to do with the Iraq war as anti semitic.

Speaking of Comedic then there is the delusional Lennins Tomb blog you contribute to. Excuse me I am not a Commmunist I just act like one smell like one and am a contributor to a blog that toes the party line. Sorry Elf I come from NYC and I deal with Commie traitors like yourself Chomsky, Norman Finklestein, Michael Lerner
daily in Union Square.

So let me know when and where you want to play the commie (Zinn) indict a nation by its hisory game with Islam. The fact is the Marxist game becomes comical when applied on Marx and Islam .

The most comedic moment occured when a follower of your friend the Recidooofus tried to play the Native American game with a poster named Warren who is a Native American.

Spare yourself the humiliation comrade and never return. Unlike you we do not need to censor a single post. The other readers will spank your Commie crapola around quite eaily. Resume your goooood Jooooooooo act for the Antisemites of the far left. Steppin Fechit would bo sooooo proud of you.

For the record Joooooos and Christians frome Moooooslim countries often take Arabic versions of biblical names. Thus Ibrahim Yoooooooosef is a Copt from Egypt and I talk to him weekly. I also talk with Palestinian Christians in Jersey who flee here in droves. They also have Moooooslim sounding names but apparently you do not have any proficiency in Semitic languages or knowlege of local customs.

So continue with your posts like Israel's Dr Mengele. Also continue
with your promotion of attempts to silence the rights of Zionists to free speech. How many fake Jennin Massacresdoes it take to add up to 100,000,000 and climbing. Free speech for Comunists vwho put Mooooslims on Cattle Cars along with other nationalities is par for your illogic.

Don't call us Comrade we have seen the game before. As Reagan said scratch a Commie and smell the fear.What are you afraid of little
man ?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I hates me some commies. Bring it, pinko!

B said...


Are you related to Joe McCarthy?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Joe McCarthy was too soft on Communism for my tastes.

beakerkin said...

B Calling actual Communists by name is not McCarthyism. The Recidoofus and Mark Elf are actual Communists.

The waste of sperm known as Mark Elf is a traitor and is a prime contributor to Lennins Tomb. The question I might ask you is why are you so cavalier about treasonous hatemongers in your midsts.

I am and always will be a Cold Warrior . Anti Communist moderates know the genuine evil that Communism is.

By the way if you read the Vennona Cables McCarthy was right.

B said...

Yeah right, another case of you disregarding the evidence. It seems when you disagree with someone, you inevitably call them an anti-semite or a communist. It is getting to be pretty funny to watch you call anyone and everyone an anti semite or communist. As far as traitors and treasonous behavior, look at the leaders of your party...revealing the name of a covert CIA operative during a time of war. That is about as treasonous as it gets. I bet you will spill all the right wing lies about either a) she was not covert, b) wilson lied, or c) it wasn't that bad. It is a shame that you may defend this treasonous behavior. If you do try to claim either a, b, or c, then you are either misinformed or lying. Sad, sad, sad.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I got this one.

A.) Valerie Plame was not a covert agent. She hasn't been on a NOC list since the early 1990s, when her identity was publicly revealed to the Russians by Cuban intelligence.

B.) A bipartisan Senate Intelligence commitee found thw Joe Wilson lied.

C.) Joe Wilson was covertly sent to Niger by the CIA to investigate Iraq's seeking yellow cake uranium from them. He reported to the CIA that Iraq indeed was seeking uranium but was rebuffed. Wilson then wrote an article in the New York Times trying to call President Bush a liar for citing British intel on Iraq seeking uranium in Africa (which, by the way, is bigger than Niger, and the Brits list 3 other African countries that Iraq shooped for uranium in).

But, in Joe Wilson's zeal for partisan hackery, he forgot one thing - he was doing covert intel work for the CIA when he blabbed off to the NYT.

Guess who's being investigated?

Since you're so "informed," why not tell us why leftist reporter Judith Miller was put in jail, and the federal prosecutor has maintained that Karl Rove is not the subject of his investigation?

When this opens up, y'all are gonna go cry in the car.

B said...

Mr. Beamish,

If it is so clear that there was no crime committed, why has there been a special prosecutor for two years? I guarantee when he brings indictments, you'll pull the DeLay defense, Fitzgerald is a partisan hack, when all that is doing is projecting. You need to wake up and smell the fact that the leaders of your party don't give a shit about you and are all crooks.

Falsehood: Plame's CIA employment was widely known

In an apparent effort to undermine the possibility that the alleged White House leakers committed a crime, both The Washington Times editorial page and right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh have argued that Plame's identity was known by many in Washington, D.C., at the time Novak published his column outing her as "an agency operative." As support for this argument, the Times claimed that "numerous neighbors were aware that she worked for the agency."

In fact, none of the neighbors cited in The Washington Times' own news reports or in other reports said that they knew before reading the Novak column that Plame worked at the CIA. Her acquaintances told reporters that they believed she worked as a private "consultant."

Falsehood: Wilson said that Cheney sent him to Niger

An RNC talking points memo made public on July 12 accused Wilson of falsely claiming "that it was Vice President Cheney who sent him to Niger." The allegation that Wilson had lied about the genesis of his trip was soon repeated by RNC chairman Ken Mehlman, who argued that this fact justified the purported leaking of Plame's identity to the press and that the White House had simply been attempting to set the record straight.

New York Times columnist David Brooks made this argument at least twice (here and here). And a string of journalists and commentators -- including CNN's Dana Bash, The Washington Post's Mike Allen, Newsweek's Jon Meacham, and U.S. News and World Report's Michael Barone -- parroted the allegation during news reports and media appearances in the following weeks. NBC chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell recently repeated the claim as a guest on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews.

But Wilson never said that Cheney sent him to Niger. To support this accusation, the RNC had misrepresented his July 6, 2003, op-ed in The New York Times and distorted a remark he made in an August 3, 2003, interview on CNN's Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer. Contrary to their allegation, Wilson clearly stated in the op-ed that "agency officials" had requested he travel to Niger. Further, in the CNN appearance, he stated it was "absolutely true" that Cheney was unaware he went on the trip.

Falsehood: Wilson was not qualified to investigate the Niger claims

In conjunction with the claim that nepotism led to the selection of Wilson for the trip to Niger, several conservative media figures have attempted to cast the former ambassador as unqualified to investigate the claims that Iraq attempted to purchase uranium yellowcake form the African country. Toensing has repeatedly claimed that he lacked "any experience in WMD" and "any kind of senior experience in that country." National Review Washington editor Kate O'Beirne has described Wilson as "no expert in weapons of mass destruction."

But Wilson possessed extensive diplomatic experience, had specialized in Africa during most of his career, and had taken a similar trip to Niger in 1999 to investigate possible purchases by Iran.

Mr. Beamish, you are a predictible partisan hack. When more than a handful of this administrations people are indicted due to their involvment over their traitor behaviors you will eat your words.

Anonymous said...


Although I agree with some of your comments, I disagree with your conclusions. I don't think more business courses are the answer to the "university problem".

First off, it's Academia's JOB to be "out of touch with the American people". And it's not so much that they're "out of touch" so much as it is being "out of touch in the WRONG DIRECTION" that is today's problem.

Academics SHOULD be researching into the "PAST" and conducting scholarly research of the PAST, documenting the "old tried and true", and teaching these hard-learned lessons to kids.

Instead they are on the "vanguard" of research and development into FUTURE technologies and developing utopian ideals that are pulling our society into the "risky unknowns" of progressive idealism based upon a combination of Marxism and a 1950's era neo-Freudianist philosophy of positive law (we've got to undo your parents repressive social "programming" and "free" your mind.) Academics are no longer "scholars" with links to the past so much as they are "researchers" into the societies of today for the purpose of "building a better tomorrow."

Secondly, instead of learning to "know others" through diversity, etc., kids in college should be learning to "know themselves". For the former will be impossible to survey and ever completely "know" due to the infinite (6+ BILLION) varieties of human expression on the planet, whereas the singular latter (yourself) is inherently "knowable" and can be used as a touchstone for "understanding" others and how and why they differ from the "known standard".

Kids will be confronted with "diversity" of human experience throughout their entire lives. They'll need to have and understand (be able to verbally express) a "touchstone" for investigating human nature before they'll ever be able to comprehend it's infinite "diversity" of forms.

And there is nothing terribly upsetting about studying the "social sciences" except that they are NOT really "sciences" as much as they serve to document contemporary social "probability distributions". In other words, the modern social sciences can't provide hard answers to questions so much as they provide snapshots of Gaussian population distributions based upon a "moving" and therefore "relative" datapoint... the population under study and what constitutes "common sense" for that population at that particular time.

In conclusion, we need Academia to be "untimely"... much as Nietzsche's "Untimely Meditations" were. But these meditations need to be focused upon, and grounded in, the "known past", not the "undiscovered country" of the future.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Yeah yeah, Valerie Plame was Chuck Barris' spotter on sniper assignments between tapings of the Gong Show.

Her identity and employment was common knowledge for years. She hasn't been a covert operative in almost a decade. She's married to the former ambassador to Iraq, for crying out loud. Her use of CIA funds to make a political donation to AL Gore in 2000 through a CIA dummy front company was unethical and illegal however.

Sorry B, you haven't unraveled this mystery yet. The crimes being investigated aren't the crimes that will be prosecuted.

You're gonna cry in the car.

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely thrilled that you identify with the right wing, and choose to publicly align yourself with their ideology while portraying your opinion. This is what makes America truly great. In this, you are doing an immeasurable favor to the left by completely discrediting right wing point of view by putting forth blatantly ignorant and rhetorically poorly formed arguments, rife with spelling and grammatical errors. Thank you thank you, THANK YOU. Please continue to post your rants in this space, and please continue to publicly declare your support for right wing ideas.

Of course you may (and probably will) reply to this post, shooting me down and declaring me to be a Communist, or some other form of baseless hyperbole. Please know that I will never read this post again (as if you care), and that your counterpoint will go completely unheard.

Yours, in Freedom of Speech,


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Eat at Joe's