Saturday, October 08, 2005

Homeward Bound

I am working on an assignment that would send me to Newark. I would have to spend a week training in MO, that is Beamish country. I can be back in the city I love and serve my country at home.

The deal is far from finalized but I will be returning next week . I will visit with my nephew high voltage. I will tour Chinatown, Ground Zero and bring back stuff for my coworkers.

In a day or so I will make a special Yom Kippur post. Yom Kippur is allegedly the time that the all mighty writes the book of living. I have had some visits to the edge of the pages but have always been in the book of Life. Coworkers joked that Osama can not plan a bombing until I return. Osama was never big on manners.

I am going out to the local buffet it seems they are serving Roast Duck.

Justin good to hear from you my friend . Everyone else have a wonderful weekend except for Ducky. Beamish is writting a pop up Capitalist book so you will understand why Marxism always fails.



Esther said...

Hey Beak -- hope everything works out so you can return home. That would be fabulous!

samwich said...

Watch for teh DOW to retest 10,000 and lower to 9750.

Watch for the S&P to retest 1130 and lower to 1080-1065.

Watch for the NAZ to retest 2000 and lower to 1890.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

What part of MO are you gonna roll into?

beakerkin said...

When I get back from the office I will post it. The move is not definate and there are some minor problems. My production rate relative to my peers and pay is high. Management may object to sending a person with a high rating out. This was one of the reasons I was not selected. The other reaszon was there was a battery of training. They wanted to put me on more complex cases.

drummaster2001 said...

newark?! newark sucks, but your commute shouldn't be too bad or long.

beakerkin said...

Newark is my dream Drum master. Serving my country close to home is a 50 - 50 reality. My productivity is high and my pay is low and that is a real obstacle.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Well, if you do make it out here to St. Louis somehow, we'll have to go party or something.