Thursday, October 27, 2005

Book Review The Pride and the Rage . Best rant this side of Mr Beamish

On this blog we stop to review books. Some are useful others are subpar and we also grade them on entertainment as well.

The Pride and Rage is not a hard hitting book that we can use in our daily blogs. It is the best ever rant against the sons of Allah who leave death and destruction in their wake. The author kicks the tail of the Euro PC elite by calling them Cicadas.

If you are looking for fun reading this is a great choice. However if you want to stick it to Commie/ Islamo anti semitic appologists like Ducky this is not the vehicle.

Just to explain how the news cycle works and determines what stories we are fed. How many of you knnew that today a German court sentenced four sons of Allah for planning to bomb Jews in Germany. Few of you will have read that story but you read Abu Gharib endlessly. The fact that Jooooos were a target outside of Israel points out the deep seeded anti Semitism in the sons of Allah.Yet the media won't stray from the Islamo victim line even if all of us buy the farm in the process.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I've been jacked up on so much cold medicine I thought ranting in German would be fun. Oh well. At least I thought it was funny. Reading Hillary Clinton speeches with a German accent will scare children. Just in case you are bumming for Halloween ideas.

Mr. Ducky said...

I love how the Beak reasons.

Lay waste to a city in iraq and kill thousands, primarily civilians and it just collateral damage. Business as usual and keep killing with no end in sight.

A few jews take the last bus when a pizzeria gets bombed and the whole world is supposed to stop.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

You mean to tell us Ducky that the Egyptian, Jordanian, Syrian and Kuwaiti expatriates that call themselves "Palestinians" are making war against pizza parlors, and it's merely a coincidence that people are killed?

Please stop decribing yourself as "reasonable," Ducky. It's insulting to those with more intellectual capacity than a box of mashed potato mix.

Warren said...

Beamish, that should be an 'empty' box of mashed potato mix.

Always On Watch said...

The troll ones loves to hate.

(Sorry! Couldn't resist.)