Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ten Consecutive days of rain

It has rained up here in Northern Vermont ten days in a row. Visability on the local roads at times is poor . I have had to learn to drive in fog with near zero visability.

The good side is the terrible odor eminating from the dairy farms does not travel in cold weather. The locals say one gets used to the horrible odors but it isn't true.

The worst part of local life is having to drive thirty miles for basic household goods. Do you want to buy a toaster well head on the interstate. There isn't a genuine News stand for fifty miles. There is a local bookstore that I do alot of business with.

I am getting used to being stopped by the local police who are never rude. Sir your registration is in the glove compartment. The fact that the local policeman knows where I keep my title speaks vollumes. My coworkers swear everyone is treated badly at the local Friendlys.

I miss home but I will be in NYC on Thursday morning. Having everything a man could want at ones fingertips is comforting. I will take the smell of oil refineries across the Arthur Kill over dairy farms any day of the week.

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Mr. Ducky said...

Beak keeps getting pulled over by the local gendarmes.

Told you he's a slow learner.