Sunday, October 16, 2005

Toomuch secrecy in Iraq

I am reading Bodansky's Secret History of the Iraq War. Bodansky is no fan of the Bush administration. However he is also not an appologist for the commie cadre of liars and quislings.

My problem with the administration is the failure to inform the American public of the role of Hezbollah in the terrorist attacks in Iraq. Hezbollah itself is not a shadowy group but a tool of Iranian and Syrian intelligence.

The US forces have captured several of Hezbollahs agents in Iraq. The administration needs to put them on TV and let the American people know. The first myth is that terrorists do not cooperate Al Queda and Hezbollah have been working together for years.

Once the American people are informed it is time for the war on terror to kill actual terrorists. Saturation bombing by US and Israel of Hezbollah bases in Lebanon should begin at once. Damascus and Tehran can be sent reminders they are next. The failure of the administration to present the Iranian and Syrian roles in the Iraqi terror against our troops is stagering.

Moreover members of the far left who meet with Hezbollah can be officialy sent to Club Gitmo.


Anonymous said...

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Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Hezbollah's been dying in droves in Western Iraq for months now.

It's actually quite funny when you think about it. All these jihadis sneaking around in the dark of the open moonless desert night, navigating by star positions and other nomadic traditions passed down over centuries, single file to hide their numbers, making the hard, perilous journey through sandstorms and scorching heat to find the opportunity to kill American soldiers.

And a guy in Florida is watching them in realtime, their body heat lighting up the desert night like a floodlamp on the images from the infrared camera mounted on the Predator drone he's flying by satellite remote control. He waxes them all with a Hellfire missile and marvels at the neon green paint-splattering the infrared heat from their scattered blood, guts, and gore makes on the desert sands lighting up the night.

He prints a hard copy of the image and entitles it "Ghazi Goo"

Mr. Ducky said...

I thought Hezbollah came into being as a response to Likud's invasion of Lebanon?

Of course Israel can invade at will, promote atrocities in camps and not expect any response to their aggression. In Beaks world there is no such thing as a legitimate response to occupation.

Hell, we lost a few hundred marines pulling Sharon's fat out of the fire. Some ally

beakerkin said...

Funny the war in Iraq has zero to do with Israel. In fact such conservative lumanaries as Howard Dean and Susan Estritch have denounced your obsession as anti semitic.