Monday, October 10, 2005

Book Review Bat Yeor's Eurabia

If you have read the Spenser book this book is a waste of time. However as a stand alone book this is an interesting voyage. Bat Yeor traces the rise of anti semitism to the political and monetary machinations of France , Germany and Belgium. Yet like a Frankenstein monster the deal becomes a bad bargain when demographics will create a Islamic states in Europe. I am seeing plenty of Muslims fleeing Europe at work so I do not know what to make of the hypothesis.

Certainly Yeor explains the delusional thinking of our favorite Communist labotomy with his virulent antisemitism while clinging to a flight of fancy that he is pro Jooooooooooo. Yeor does mention the idocy of the Commie left but should illuminate the subject with more extensive coverage. The idiocy of a gay appologist for movements that openly advocate killing gays allong with unbelievers of every stripe is revealing. However if one has a smidgeon of logic they tend to toss Marx with yesterdays trash.


samwich said...

Beaker, from AOW & 72 virgins.

My God, in Isaiah 4:1 tells me I get seven WIVES.
Married people get SEX!!!!!!!!
Just like that dumb Quran says.

S.....for SEX!!!!!!!!

Esther said...

Great review, Beak. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the book. :)

Mr. Ducky said...

Let's put this in perspective Beak. Jews aren't the center of the world...never have been, never will be.

The muslim relationship to the jew (and Palestinians are largely secular) is not the story of islam. Never has been, never will be.

I do remember working on the film "Harvest of Despair" about the largest ethnic genocide in history, the Ukrainian famine and being blocked by jewish groups from showing it on PBS. They wanted a monopoly on the genocide industry. So after six years it was finally aired but only with a discussion group at the end skirting around the enormity of the famine and bringing the holocaust front stage.

So I thought to myself, what the hell is this that a people has to ask the jews permission to ait Ukrainian history. If jews wish to present themselves as the touchstone to all human misery they must simply be told they are worng.

So keep it up Beak. Stoke the hate fires. You're nothing but a little bigot in a much larger sea of bigots.

Always On Watch said...

Bat Yeor's book is a rerun in many ways, but adds another voice to Spencer's and Ibn Warraq's.

Mr. Ducky said...

Ooops beak, looks like Likud was naughty again.

beakerkin said...

Ducky back into anti semitic mode again. The Ukrainian bit should have been aired showing once again that Marx= death. Maybe those Joooos were commies named Chomsky , Koevell , Lerner who by being Communists are defacto non Jews. Communism is treason by nature and actuality.

Worrying about the good old Jihadists again Duck. 1300 years of mayhem against a wide variety of people isn't enough. Speaking of traitors are you now going to cry about Hassan Ahkbar.

beakerkin said...

Oh Ducko do not forget there were plenty of Joooos in the Ukraine including my own family.

beakerkin said...


One woman is enough for me seriously. Only a lzy man needs more so he can watch sports and the women can talk to each other.


I am reading The Secret History of the Iraq War by Bodansky. Bodansky is not a fan of Bush but the left is way off base . Abu Abbas and Arafat were planning to join in and provoke Israel.

Arab mentality kill 100,000 people
but say Palestine and you too can be a hero if only in your own mind. Saddam as hero to the Palestinians is yet another sick fantasy from the Arab world.

Has anyone thought of settling their Arab brothers in any of 22 exsisting Arab states. No it is better to let them fester in Refugee camps and exploit them like a show Pony .

Warren said...

Ducky, is just jealous of the Nazis. He wants everyone to know that his commie brethren aren't pikers in the human slaughter industry. (like there is some kind of difference between them). Black arm band with swastika, red arm band with sickle and hammer, (same/same).

Hell, when you're a commie, you don't have anything else to be proud of 'but' human misery.

I feel sorry for him! All of his hero's sitting squarely on a huge mound of bodies and trying to convince himself that its someone else's fault.

And Beak, they don't display the "Palestinians" like show ponies, they cultivate them the same way a Hindu Untouchable beggar cultivates a festering ulcer so people will feel sorry.

samwich said...

Beaker, what I want is a close personal intimate loving realtionship with someone who leaves me the hell alone!!!

Mr. Ducky said...

Hey Beak...I notice I couldn't mention Ukraine without you putting jews ceterstage.

Once again proof that the only way you seem to be able to shape an identity is to present yourself as the touchstone of human misery.....without that you have no culture.

Not a very promising future Beak...time for a change of strategy