Thursday, October 13, 2005

New Reading Material VS Naipul and Bodansky

I am reading Bodansky's the Secret Iraq War. Bodansky is no friend to the leftist cranks, Arabs or Bush. His basic premise is largely that Saddam did have active ties to terror but that Bush mishandled the situation.

Arabs have a mania about any foriegn invasions. Thus the idiocy of the Arab street coming to the defense of the "Butcher of Baghdad" is comical. Lets rally around a man who has killed more Arabs then anyone else because he said the word Palestine. Egypt double crossed the USA because Mubarak is intent on giving his son power when he retires. The Saudis were duplicitous as to be expected from the Saudi Mafia family. Syria closely allied itself with Saddam and then Iran.

Not all Arab states were on the wrong side. Kuwait,Oman and Jordan were helpful with bases and some logistical support.

Turkey is the ultimate villan with its obsession about the KUrds. Turkey mistreats and denies a Kurdish nationality. The monomania about a possible Kurdistan led Turkey
to block our army from opening a Northern front.

Iran had its own machinations but quickly realized a Shite Islamic state was not in the cards. Iran too wanted to block a Kurdish state and counter the Turks. I am wondering if a smarter move would have been to let the Turks clean Irans clock.

Russia did try to stage a coup but Bush blundered. A Russian coup would have spared us the war .Russia was trying to protect its investments in Iraq. France is corerectly described as obstructionist.

The story that Bodansky tells that missed the radar is Arafat tried to provoke an Israeli counter reaction. Arafat and Saddam wanted a Arab war against Israel to save his own bacon. Arafat being a moron and a crook decided to let his people face decimation in a war that they could not possibly win for reasons of ego.

The book throws cold water on the idiots who say that Saddam was not sponsoring terrorism. In fact Abu Abbas and Iraqi 999 units were sent to Turkey , Israel and the Gulf states to await orders. There were contacts with Al Queda before Zarqawi arrived as well. Imad Mougniyah is also heavily involved with the terrorism in Iraq and on the Iranian payroll.

Interesting book so far and it seems to make sense.


American Crusader said...

Sounds like an interesting book. Both Iraq and Turkey greatly feared the Kurds establishing their own homeland. It looks like now that the Kurds will at least have some well-deserved autonomy with Iraq's new constitution. Part of me thinks that maybe we can work with the Kurds, but I'm not sure we can trust anyone over there. Any mention of Saudi Arabia's culpability in spreading anti-Christian/Jewish materials throughout mosques they helped funded in the US?

Always On Watch said...

American Crusader,

May still be in committee.

And the clock continues to tick.

beakerkin said...

No information on the Saudis but I am only about 1/2 way through the book. The Coalition has just taken the Capitol nearly missing Saddam who hid in a Mosque knowing the US would be unlikely to storm it.

Maybe the Saudis will appear in the next chapter .


After this book I am going to read VS Naipul. Naipul had two books that are not on the standard reading list. They may be hidden gems. However the best book is still Schmidt's Great Divide as it swats people like Duncy who need to create a moral equivalence with Christianity and Islam.

Mr. Ducky said...

Tin foil...what the psychotic young Likudnic is wearing this year.

Always On Watch said...

I'll have to get a copy of The Great Divide. More than one person has recommended that book to me.

Always On Watch said...

The book throws cold water on the idiots who say that Saddam was not sponsoring terrorism.

See Op Ed "Iraq as the Center of Jihad" @
I believe the piece I'm referring to was published on October 12.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Is it now apparent that Mr. Ducky is incapable of saying anything intelligent, even if he wanted to?

beakerkin said...

More antisemetic agitprop from the Wahabi duck. I am a Rudy Republican read my profile. If anyone has a monopoly on treason and bigotry it is the cartoon charachters on the far left.

What is the true story about Ducky and Bert ? I hear that since he saw the photos of Ernie in a topless club he has gone off the deep end.The pictures are on the Bert is Evil site.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Is Mr. Ducky Ernie's bathtime sex toy?

I never made the connection. It all makes sense now.