Saturday, August 13, 2005

Off the Wall with 167

Our favorite illucid communo labotomy is outraged at the wall the Israerlis ate building. How dare the Jooooooos built a wall so the peaceful fgake indigenous people can't blow them up in Pizzerias , dance clubs and general sniping mayhem of civilians. We are hardly surprised that there is no mention of the conditions that precipitated the wall. Nor are we surprised that the Arabs want yet another Judenrhein state. Yet trhe marxist moron is concerned and accuses the joooooos of etnic cleansing.

It seems to me there is an irony of progressives discussing walls or ethnic cleansing. The Communist build walls to keep people in their workers paradise. The fact that people go on boats and inner tubes to get away from these workers paradises is just an inconvenient fact. The capitalists ( jooooooos) want you to believe that socialism is evil. His even more anti sermitic buddy Simon Jones also claims that joooooos are the communists , bankers and mass media.

Speaking of ethnic cleansing the progressive solution was to round up all the muslims, Balts and a good portion of Poles and send them to Siberia. Stalin was in the process of sending the Jooooooos but died before he could carry that out.

Speaking of elimination of the safety net who used Starvation as a governmental policy tool. Thats right folks the good old progressives starve people for their own good in the Ukraine , China and elsewhere but lecture us about the inequities of Capitalism.

My advice to fellow moderates , patriotic liberals ( the handful with pride ) and Conservatives is to use Communo bigots as comedic props. They do not deserve anything other then laughter.

Will the patriotic liberals please step away from the genocidal, bigoted, criminal totalitarians that have their eyes on our freedom and possesions. Certain ideologies do not belong in the big tent of ideas.


unaha-closp said...

Where can I find this 167?

beakerkin said...

You can find the 167 folktale, communist anti semitic blog at

Unlike this blog or any other that I am friendly with he delettes comments. Thus do not waste time on protracted posts he can not answer as he delettes them.

Always On Watch said...

Israel should do whatever it takes to protect her very existence. Too bad if the wall is inconvenient for some.

Some Palestinians have made it very clear that they intend to take Jerusalem and to wipe Israel off the map. Protection of Israel is essential.

unaha-closp said...

No joy with 167s blog address

unaha-closp said...

And agree with AoW - countries ultimately exist for their own protection, Israel must protect itself.

Craigy B said...

Look, the poor deranged racist bigot who calls himself Beakerkin is too scared to even post a working link.

beakerkin said...

Speaking of scared why does the champion of free speech bar comments. The reason is he can not defend his positions.

Your usual retorts do not bother me look up racist. Who am I a racially biased. Palestinians are fictional. Neither Arabs or Muslims constitute a race. Get a clue and learn to read.

Now go back to your master and cry.

Craigy B said...

Changing the subject again you pathetic old Nazi?