Monday, August 29, 2005

Returning Home

I will be leaving Thursday Night to visit my beloved NYC. I will stop off with my relatives in Jersey including Drummaster . In fact the second stop will be the Strand
Bookstore. I am looking foward to speaking with people who read . The next stop will be the nearest Jewish resturant.

Vermont is great and with rare exception people have been kind to me. Yet I belong in NYC with the action excitement and culture. God help the first person who hands me Maple Syrup. A Knish my kingdom for a knish and good Pastami.


Always On Watch said...

Stay safe! And enjoy getting what you like to eat.

I, too, will be taking a break. I think we're heading for the mountains, if Katrina doesn't cause major flooding to the west of us. If going west doesn't work out, we can go east to the beaches.

Mustang said...

So Beak man, asking you to send me some maple syrup will only result in my getting an ass whipping?

Warren said...

Don't eat the maple syrup!


beakerkin said...

Mustang Maple Syrup and yours trully is a running gag. I seldom
eat the stuff. Vermonters love Maple Syrup but unless I have a pancake I do not touch the stuff.

The Ben and Jerrys is another gag death before Ben and Jerry. I will not take the stuff even when it is offered for free.