Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Enter the Beaker

The agency I work for is sending 1000 volunteers to help FEMA in New Orleans. I did volunteer to be sent . If I get selected to go is an open question. My supervisor will make the ultimate call. I would prefer to go as a single man and I remember people helping out NYC .

I doubt I will be selected as many people have volunteered. However I am a single man and I can stay far longer.


Anonymous said...

To help victims rebuild after the widespread devastation caused by Hurrican Katrina, billions of dollars of foriegn aid is pouring in from across the globe.

This is Dan Rather with Fat Chance News signing off.

(And you dumb cons thought I was history)

Warren said...

Beak, if you go be sure you have your immunization shots up to date.

There are going to be outbreaks of disease. Dysentery, among the survivors, should start showing up today.

drummaster2001 said...


you see the stuff happening in LA. it is insane- high amounts of looting, rape, and shootings in addition to armed gangs walking the streets.

Warren said...

New Orleans is a slum with a very large proportion on the people living there on some form of government assistance.

Think of Harlem or Watts. Now imagine what the gangs and drug dealers would do in the absence of law.

I gave up the idea of the basic goodness of humanity a long time ago. I can truthfully say; I'm not a bit surprised!

Esther said...

I think it's awesome of you to volunteer Beak, even if you didn't get selected. You are an awesome soul.

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Hoodia said...

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